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Doctors for the After-Hours

Doctors for the After-Hours

by Alison Lurie

During this pandemic, a large number of people have found themselves stranded as the healthcare required for the pandemic is getting more attention than any other problem. In these times, one may find that their ailment gets no notice or observation by any doctor. Newcastle is a developing area with progressive healthcare benefits that the people are observing. One could find an after-hours doctor in Newcastle easily in minutes for any ailment or emergency right at their doorstep.

In the direst cases, one always has to worry about the necessity of going to hospitals. In such times it can be very helpful to have a doctor attend to the patient at the convenience of one’s home. In instances where a patient cannot be moved much and needs medical attention, it is beneficial to appoint a doctor who can attend to the patient at any hour.

Doctors for the After-Hours

Since one cannot predict when they might face a health issue, it is always necessary to keep contacts of medical assistance that can come in handy in situations when it is the most required. After-hours doctors are a boon to society due to how easy the process is, and that one could be examined at home. It is, although necessary, to be taken to the hospital in extreme situations where waiting for a doctor might not be favourable. 

It is always better to check, in advance, for the range of areas the facility covers to avoid waiting during emergencies. Choosing an after-hours doctor might be thought to be expensive but is much cheaper than expected. It wouldn’t cost one the expenses of costly medical appliances that one might use in a hospital. One could always visit a hospital post checking and if needed. There is also no waiting list, and it’s a quick procedure too. Doctors that visit a certain patient offer better consultation and examine them better as they provide personalised care. 

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There aren’t limited options to what can be cured at home. It is generally assumed that anything requiring good medical treatment needs to be treated at a hospital. Anything ranging from stitches, asthma, skin/ear infections etc., can be helped before going to the hospital if needed. These could even be immediately treated if required without facing the delay of going to the hospital.

This option is even better than scheduling appointments as one cannot expect sudden injuries or ailments to be treated only during the scheduled hours. Doctors always build relationships with the patients that they serve, which offers them better comfort. Visiting a hospital is always risky in terms of contracting new diseases in contact with other patients. At homes, one can be secluded and does not have to care about this issue. 

This whole process protects the patient’s and the family’s privacy at all times. One could argue that this practice could include lesser trained doctors, which is untrue because every after-hours doctor is a medical professional as much as one present at the hospital. Many of the charges of an after-hours doctor in Newcastle can be covered by valid Medicare or DVA cards that remove any stress about the spot payment. 

Every doctor should be registered with the AHPRA to qualify for treating a patient at home. These doctors arrive well within 2-3 hours of booking an appointment easily, so there is immediate care whenever necessary. This process is simple as it only requires phone calls or booking online with hassle-free procedures. It is fast, efficient, and helps one know what kind of assistance they require. 

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