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Four Tips To Buying The Best Kids Bike

Four Tips To Buying The Best Kids Bike

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As your little one grows, the toddler phase can demand many accessories from toddler toys to clothes you will enter into a whole new range of shopping sessions. When it comes to kids bikes, you will find the different styles confusing, sizes weird and, inseam levels new. Buying a bike for your kid is highly different from buying a bike from the adult’s section. As parents, you will have to consider your child’s age, weight and ability to balance a two-wheel bike. Considering such factors during a buy is essential because you are investing in a bike that your child might overgrow in no time.

Things to Remember while buying a bike for your kid

With bikes in the kid’s section, you will have only narrowed choices. However, finding the appropriately sized cycle can be daunting, especially if this is your first time with kids cycles. Here is a list of some significant factors to consider before you make a purchase,

1.Knowing the types

Luckily, with kids cycles, you only have three choices to narrow down your search journey. However, understanding each of their features will let you buy the one that best suits your kid. First comes the tricycle, which unlike most bikes, comes with three wheels. If your kid is still struggling to balance on a two-wheeled cycle, a tricycle is the best to buy to get them trained. Next, you will find the regular bikes but with support wheel systems. These are the best to buy if your kid wants to ace the two-wheeled bike. Lastly is the regular two-wheeled cycles that come with pedals. It best suits kids who can balance on it without adult assistance.

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2.Remember to choose lightweight bikes

Though your kid has mastered balancing on a bicycle, buying a heavier piece can impact their comfort. Unfortunately, most kids cycles in the market are heavier and, you will have to probe deeper to identify the lightweight ones. Always ensure that the bike you pick weighs at least half your child’s weight or even lesser. It’s because when your kid rides on a heavier bike, they can feel exhausted quickly. One way to distinguish lightweight bikes without actually having to check their weight is by looking for the frame material used. Aluminium frames are comparatively lightweight than other metals.

3.Understanding the size charts

Kids cycles differ in size mainly based on the wheel dimensions, that is, the bigger the wheel, the higher the cycle rank in size. With kids bikes, you will find nearly four or five wheel sizes from twelve to twenty-four inches. To find the right size, you can correlate your child’s age to the wheel size. For instance, for toddlers, the best inseam size is between twelve to fourteen inches. For older kids above seven years old, the best inseam size range to choose from is between twenty-four and twenty-eight.

4.Look out for safety features

Undeniably, when you buy a kids bike, safety features are a must to look out for. In that case, the first thing to check is the brakes. Ensure that the bike has functional front brakes. Rear brakes can be optional when it is about the stopping power. Children need to wear Australian standard-based gear and accessories while riding bikes. So, you can also invest in bikes that come with a helmet, safety belts, etc. Lastly, be sure that you never go for a smaller size. It’s because smaller sized bikes can be extremely dangerous for your kid and they will also outgrow it in the next few months. It’s always better to look for a size that can serve at least the next two years.

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