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Protection for your Mattress

by Alison Lurie

Mattresses are susceptible to harm from common household accidents like food and drink. This might leave you with a stained, unusable mattress.

Infestations of e.coli, fleas, bed bugs, and dust mites can be spread through a mattress that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. In addition to dust mites, fungus, sweat, airborne pollutants, and maybe even pet hair or faeces, the mattress will be filthy. Using a mattress protector is a simple way to avoid these issues.

 It Helps You Keep Your Money

Mattresses may be expensive, so it makes sense to take every precaution to safeguard your purchase. If your mattress is soiled, damaged, or unclean, it may void the warranty that came with it.

Beneficial to Nature

Many materials used to make mattresses are not recyclable, although there are exceptions. A mattress that is not adequately disposed of might wind up in the trash and either burnt or buried in a landfill, where it may sit for more than 500 years before decomposing. It is terrible news for the planet’s environment and numerous sensitive ecosystems.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that less well-cared-for mattresses must be thrown out more frequently than better-protected ones. Using a mattress cover can extend the life of your mattress, but not all protectors are created equal. Some are built using toxic materials and cannot be recycled or composted.

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It can reduce the risk of allergic reactions for those suffering from this condition.

Allergens can flourish in the dark, warm environment of your mattress. Bed bugs and dust mites are two of the most prevalent, and they both like to make their homes in the seams, creases, and corners of mattresses. Shockingly, bed bug infections increased by 4,500% between 1999 and 2006 throughout all Australian states.

Bed bug and mite infestations can negatively impact human health, including itching, rashes, and even anaemia. Without proper protection, mattresses may become a breeding ground for allergens that can do everything from exacerbating asthma to causing skin irritation.

It’s simple to keep up.

Mattress cleaning may be time-consuming and costly. To have a clean mattress, it is recommended to engage a professional cleaning service. It is because most individuals lack the equipment necessary to clean a space thoroughly, all the way to the core, getting rid of hidden garbage and vermin.

Eliminates Smelly Bed-Wetting Smells

Most young children will have a period of bed wetting. It may leave an unpleasant odour on mattresses and bed linens and leave them discoloured. Children may have trouble falling asleep since they frequently wake up to have their bedding changed.

It makes sleeping more accessible and better overall.

A mattress protector’s primary function is to protect your mattress from spills and stains, but it also serves an equally important function by keeping you comfortable while you sleep. Keeping cool while snuggled up under a heavy duvet is a problem for many individuals. You may now have a pleasant and restful night’s sleep without sacrificing your active lifestyle activities, whether you are a hot sleeper or going through menopause.

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Low-Cost Coverage for Your Mattress

A new mattress may be a major hassle and a significant financial investment. Purchasing a high-quality, well-fitting mattress protector is the simplest method to save money in the long term. Since most people spend between $500 and $2,000 on a mattress, having one that lasts a long time might result in significant cost savings.

Convenient 365 Days a Year

The requirements for keeping warm or cold vary with the seasons. It is useful year-round, protecting your mattress and you from the elements.

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