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What are the very basic things which the developers should know about the OWASP IoT top 10 list?

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Top 10 basics things should know the developers OWASP IoT

IoT has completely changed over the past few years and this is very much capable of shaping the future of individuals very well. It is also very much capable of shaping the present action and the seamless management of data along with real-time monitoring provided by this particular concept has led to a good amount of optimisation of the workflows so that overall goals are efficiently achieved.

OWASP Top 10 Overview and Vulnerabilities


The worldwide spending on IoT is increasing at the compounded annual growth rate of more than 11%. OWASP IoT top 10 lists is the online publication that will help in providing people with complete insights about the security loopholes present in the systems. Several kinds of security experts across the globe have collectively identified all these kinds of threats by a comprehensive review of the existing state of affairs and help in making sure that whenever risks and vulnerabilities will be identified so that corrective action can be perfectly taken and security can be tightened before the launch of the product.

Guide to OWASP IoT Top 10 for proactive security - AppSealing

 Following are the most important components of this particular list:

  1. Week, guessable or hardcoded passwords: IoT devices with weak default passwords are prone to very many new kinds of cyber-attacks and device manufacturers must pay proper attention to the password settings at the time of launching all these kinds of devices. If the device does not allow the users to change the default password then it will be of no use and further the people need to make sure that there is no success in terms of getting unauthorised access to the device if the device has been left vulnerable to any kind of scenario.
  2. Insecure network services: The network services which are running with the device can pose to be a very big threat to the security and integrity of the system and these kinds of things when exposed to the internet will also pave the way to unauthorised remote access and leakage of data. The attackers can successfully deal with the security by taking advantage of the weakness present in the network communication models.
  3. Insecure ecosystem interface: This is another very commonly available point that can lead to different kinds of issues in the long run and further the manufacturers need to make sure that there is smooth user interaction with the device. However, lack of proper authentication, poor encryption and filtering of data can adversely impact all these kinds of things.
  4. Lack of secure update mechanisms: The inability of the device to securely update is the fourth vulnerability in the list and no firmware validation, an encrypted transfer of data and anti-rollback mechanisms can lead to different kinds of issues and compromise the security of IoT devices.
  5. Use of insecure and outdated components: This will always imply the utilisation of third-party hardware or software and will threaten the security of the entire system. The industrial IoT is perfectly affected by this particular concept because it is difficult to maintain as well as update. Hence, these kinds of vulnerabilities can lead to a lot of issues with the attacking at disrupting of the smooth functioning of the devices.
  6. Insufficient privacy protection: IoT devices also have to store and retain the sensitive information of the users to ensure that functioning has been properly carried out and further these kinds of devices often fail to offer secure storage which can lead to leakage of critical data been hacked by cybercriminals. Hence, the manufacturer database is also prone to different kinds of attacks which are the main reason that paying proper attention to the encryption is important.
  7. Insecure data transfer and storage: The lack of encryption in terms of handling sensitive data during the transition or processing can lead to different kinds of issues and encryption is further very much important wherever transfer of data will be involved.
  8. Lack of devices management: This will refer to the inability of the effectiveness in terms of securing the devices on the network and will expose the system to numerous threats. Irrespective of the number of devices involved in their size everything needs to be protected against data breaches.
  9. Insecure settings of devices: Decreasing vulnerabilities into the default settings can even expose the system to a wide range of security issues and this might be passwords, the inability of keeping up with the security updates and the presence of updated components in the whole process.
  10. Lack of physical hardening: Lack of physical hardening can very easily help users with malicious intent to gain remote control over the system and failure to remove all these kinds of things can lead to system attacks or the physical hardening lacking systems.
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OWASP IoT top 10 list under review for 2018 - IoT Now News - How to run an IoT enabled business

finally few words 

 IoT is considered to be the moon for modern-day consumers and enterprises which is the main reason that week security can do a lot of harm if not dealt with properly. Hence, it is very much important for the manufacturers and concerned people to pay proper attention to the above-mentioned risks and make sure that everything has been perfectly carried out with the right kind of corrective actions. The manufacturers also need to have advanced level programming knowledge of the whole system in comparison to the traditional software and further, these kinds of things will help in making sure that adoption of the security measures will be perfectly carried out with the higher level of integration and development at every stage. There are several kinds of companies that are coming up with top-notch quality security solutions which are capable of protecting the applications from the risks mentioned in the OWASP IoT top list. Hence, it is the responsibility of the organisations to ensure that easy to use security solutions are easily available so that there is no adverse impact on the performance and everything works perfectly across different kinds of operating systems without any kind of risk of data medication or theft.

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