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Golf Tournament Ideas You Can Use in 2022

Golf Tournament Ideas You Can Use in 2022

by Alison Lurie

Golf tournaments are a great way to raise money for a good cause while also increasing your brand recognition in the area. These large scale events are rapidly growing in popularity because just about anyone can have a good time on the golf course. Get the most out of your event by using some fun and unique ideas that will help separate your tournament from the others.

Run a Nine-Hole Tournament

You need your tournament to appeal to casual golfers if you want to make the most money possible. A great way to increase the tournament’s appeal is by only playing nine holes. The shorter tournament will be far more attractive to inexperienced players. This makes it easier for the local businesses to bring out the whole team. The die hard golfers will support any golf tournament in the area.

Use a Shotgun Start

A large golf tournament can be expected to last the entire day. The event will drag on even longer if the golfers are forced to deal with delays before teeing off at the first hole. Make sure this does not happen by using a shotgun start. This unique tournament setup assigns starting tee times for every hole. This will result in a much more efficient tournament than having everyone wait for the first hole to begin.

Sell Mulligans to Players

Golf is a challenging sport. Even the best golfers in the world will hit the occasional lousy shot during a round. These errand shots are replaced with a mulligan in casual games, but they are rarely allowed in tournaments. Help make your event a little different from the others in the area by offering mulligans to the golfers for a fee. This is a great way to add an extra layer of fun to the tournament while also helping you raise more money.

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Hold a Special Contest on One Hole

It is important to give everyone in the tournament an opportunity to win prizes. An easy way to do this is by running a special contest on one hole. The most common fun attractions are a closest-to-the-pin contest at a short par-3 hole. 

Give out a small gift to every foursome that plays the hole. You can also provide a bigger prize to the overall winner for the whole tournament. Use this one-hold contest and other fun golf tournament hole ideas to help your event stand out. If you still have trouble brainstorming ideas, check on LightSpeed for some inspiration.

Host an Auction

Golf has a knack for bringing out the competitive side in everyone. You need to harness the competitive nature of the golfers to your advantage by hosting an auction after the tournament. Everyone that had a bad round will want to top their friends by outbidding them at the auction. Get the most out of the auction by having local businesses and organizations donate items.

It takes a lot of work to run a golf tournament, but they are also very rewarding. Use these ideas to help get the most out of your hard work.

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