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Everything you need to know about Global HR Research

Everything you need to know about Global HR Research

by ReddyPrasad

Global HR Research (GHRR) has the potential to transform the way companies hire new employees. Various methods can provide a wealth of data that will help improve employee performance. In addition, GHRR can help companies make informed decisions on how to manage and retain existing employees. It can also help identify trends that can help the business grow. Global HR is researching labor market trends, such as skills mismatch, global mobility, labor migration, and the changes and transitions in the digital era. 


Global HR research is a leading employment screening technology and services provider. GHRR has a comprehensive proprietary platform that enables businesses to make better hiring decisions faster. Their team specializes in providing a better alternative to traditional recruiting processes, and their web-based platform is mobile-friendly and built on scalable infrastructure with 99.99% uptime. In addition, a wide array of HR services are available from GHRR, including drug testing, background checks, and assessment solutions.

Business Analytics

The rise of the freelance, gig and start-up economies has changed how employees view the nature of work. By analyzing data from these events, companies can anticipate future workforce reactions, identify current trends, and reduce involuntary turnover. Leading teams use advanced network analytics and flexible survey strategies to analyze data and create multidimensional models.

Human resources data includes passive and active information about employees. These can include company-specific information, feedback surveys, and social media posts. Historical data can also provide important insight into employee behaviors. Using this data is critical to determining which strategies and policies are working and which aren’t. Therefore, knowing how to map data properly to gain actionable insights is important. The demand for HR analytics is expected to increase in the coming years. HR professionals will continue to be an integral part of the management team. Shortly, these solutions will play a pivotal role in talent acquisition and development.

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Pre-hire intelligence

Pre-hire intelligence is an integral component of employee onboarding and pre-employment screening solutions. Global HR Research offers a complete pre-hire intelligence service, including employment screening, background checks, and substance abuse testing. Its solutions are compliant, scalable, and consistent. As a result, employers are increasingly adopting data-driven decision-making to help shape their hiring strategies and understand employee turnover rates. 

Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding is a critical part of the recruitment process. Studies have shown that new hires will perform better if the onboarding process is good. For example, a recent study found that the productivity of new team members increased by 50% in the second month and 70% in the third month. However, the research also found that new team members take an average of twelve months to reach their peak performance potential. Therefore, creating a good employee onboarding process that lasts at least 90 days is crucial.

Employee onboarding is important for a variety of reasons. For one thing, onboarding helps new employees feel more engaged with the company. It demonstrates the organization’s dedication and creates a strong sense of connection. It also increases employee retention.

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