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5 Must-Know Virtual Job Interview Tips

5 Must-Know Virtual Job Interview Tips

by ReddyPrasad

Are you on the market for a new career?

With the virtual world dominating our reality, your job interview may appear a little different than the traditional face-to-face meeting. The pandemic sped up a transition from physical to virtual meetings since businesses needed to find a new way to survive when human contact posed a unique threat.

About 86% of businesses now conduct interviews over video calls. Are you prepared for it?

Read on for five virtual job interview tips that will help you land the position.

1. Look Presentable

One of the first virtual interview tips you should hear address your appearance. Even though you won’t leave your home, you should dress as if you will.

The potential employer can still see you on a Zoom call. Do not leave your hair wet or show up in pajamas. Look completely put together prior to starting the call.

Dressing to impress shows both professionalism and respect. Dress nicely, but also conservative.

Men should wear a suit and tie while women can wear a blouse and dress pants or a dress. If you choose a dress, it should look classy, not sexy.

Stay away from flashy jewelry. Remove any facial piercings and cover your tattoos.

2. Speak Professionally

When learning how to do a job interview over Zoom, consider how you want to sound. You did not pay for professional resume writing services to come out and flop it with a casual attitude.

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Do not let your surroundings make you too comfortable. Speak like a professional by projecting your voice, avoiding slang, and following business etiquette.

3. Check Your Connection

Check your internet connection at least a couple of hours before your interview. Test Zoom on your computer with a friend to make sure you go in with proper settings and the internet works.

If you do run into problems, troubleshoot with Zoom support. Set up a backup plan, like using a friend or family member’s house.

4. Set the Stage

Your potential future employer does not want to see a dirty laundry pile or stack of unwashed dishes. Set the stage for this interview.

The way your home looked never before mattered for work life. Now that you will bring this person into your home virtually, anything they can see should appear presentable.

Choose a quiet space away from pets and other family members. Distractions will reflect negatively on you, especially if they become obnoxious.

Do not choose a bedroom if possible. And clean whatever space you choose, as it will reflect on your efforts.

5. Focus

Interviewing from home poses unique challenges. Without actually sitting in an office with your interviewee, outside distractions may catch your attention.

Shut off your phone and leave it in the other room. Looking at your phone will appear rude and very unprofessional.

Do not eat on the call. You can go for an hour or two without food.

Do not open anything else up on your computer. It will distract you, and you need to both actively listen and respond with confidence.

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Virtual Job Interview Tips Drive Success

Do not ignore these virtual job interview tips, even if you think the employer seems laid back or fun. These will help you achieve professionalism in an unfamiliar interview setting.

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