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Five Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac

Five Ways to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac

by ReddyPrasad

 Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac:

When was the last time you checked your MacBook’s storage? Letting files clutter your computer can slow it down and even cause it to stop working.

MacBook laptops come with high price tags already. Why risk an early visit to the Apple Store for a new laptop?

If you free up storage, your laptop will run faster. Freeing up space will extend your laptop’s life, saving you money in the long run.

You can use various strategies to clear up space. Some methods will minimally impact storage, while others will significantly free up storage.

We compiled a list of five of the best ways to free up storage on your MacBook laptop. Let’s explore the different strategies you can use to free up storage.

Purge Your Photo Library

No one wants to lose precious memories. Your photo library contains your brightest moments and plenty of nostalgia.

However, your photo library may contain too many photos. You may no longer like pictures you took years ago. Perhaps you don’t like how the image looks, or it doesn’t feel the same.

Deleting these photos will add space to your laptop. When you remove images, you gain through subtraction. You need less scrolling to find memorable pictures in your photo library.

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When purging through your photo library, remove duplicate photos. You do not need two of the same picture in your photo library. Deleting these photos presents an easy opportunity to free up storage.

You don’t have to browse your photo library to remove duplicate photos. These tips will help you find duplicate photos on your MacBook.

Move Your Photo Library to a Travel Drive

You won’t delete every image in your photo library. Deleting some photos helps, but most people do not delete enough photos to see a difference.

Moving your photo library to a travel drive takes them off your computer. You can delete images without fear since your travel drive contains them all.

The hard drive also acts as extra protection. If your computer dies or gets stolen, you still have the photos. The portable nature of travel drives makes it easy to plug them into other laptops.

This strategy lets you view photos on any computer, not just your personal laptop.

Remove Unused Apps on your Laptop to Free Up Storage

Reviewing your photo library will free up storage. However, you can take extra steps to add space to your computer.

We upload many apps into our laptops and forget about them in the future. These apps still take up space on our computers.

All of these apps added together can significantly slow down your laptop. Every laptop user needs apps on their computer. We use apps to access the internet, send emails, play games, and more.

However, some apps eat up space even if we haven’t used them for years. Deleting unused apps will not inconvenience you. However, this practice will free up storage on your laptop.

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You can review your laptop’s applications through Finder. After opening a Finder window, browse towards the applications tab.

You can delete unused apps through Apple Finder or the LaunchPad. Put the apps in your trash and then empty your trash.

If you do not empty the trash, you do not free up storage. Emptying the trash is the only way to delete files permanently. You can set up your trash to automatically erase discarded files in 30 days.

Clean Up Your Desktop

The skills you use to clear up your photo library also apply to your desktop. Over the years, you accumulated documents, videos, and audio files.

Some of those files no longer serve a purpose. You may have school assignments from past years saved up on your computer. Even though they no longer serve a purpose, they still occupy space.

Purge through your desktop files and clear any unnecessary files. This tactic is a widespread approach to purging your photo library. However, you’re looking through all of your files instead of exclusively photos.

Consider assembling the remaining files into folders. This practice will keep your laptop organized and increase your productivity.

Cleaning your desktop takes considerable time. If you do a cleaning once every quarter, you get the maximum impact without spending too much time on it.

While browsing through desktop files, also dig through your emails. Deleting old emails can quickly free up storage on your MacBook.

ZIP Your Remaining Files

Clearing space allows you to part ways with unnecessary files. You will still have some files on your computer. However, you can still free up storage.

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Laptop users can zip their remaining files together to save space. Zipping compresses the files. This practice reduces the amount of space these files consume on your laptop.

You can double-tap a ZIP file to access the files. This tactic saves storage and increases safety.

The encrypted nature of zip files makes them difficult for hackers to access. Don’t worry about getting locked out of your images. Your MacBook comes with features that make it easy to access your Zip files.

Reclaim Storage Space

These strategies will help you free up storage so your laptop runs quicker. A quicker laptop leads to higher productivity and a longer laptop life.

Routinely clearing up space on your laptop will give you the benefits without too much work. If you want to learn more MacBook tips, stay on this blog. This resource contains plenty of insights.

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