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4 Easy Marketing Tips to Boost Corporate Event Attendance

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Businesses, big and small, often put their all into arranging elaborate corporate events. From conferences to meetings to launches, the success of a business’ new venture or product is often gauged by the attendance that its corporate event gathers. 

And while boasting the best venues or the best caterers will give you a helping push into making your corporate event a success, there’s only so much that they can do to guarantee attendance. Instead, it’s a marketing strategy where your attention should lie, for only the best marketing and promotion tactics bring a crowd. 

And if you’re confused about where to start with corporate event marketing, then this is just the place to be!

Here’s how you can promote your corporate event and boost attendance;

There’s hardly anyone who isn’t swayed by a good poster, and using one – or two or three – to market your corporate event is perhaps one of the simplest and most effective marketing hacks out there. 

Simply design a poster with details about your corporate event and publish it on your social media platforms, emails, paste them as printouts, and even send them out to potential attendees – just be sure to include all the relevant details!

And if you’re worried about nailing the design, then you can always use PosterMyWall’s corporate poster templates that are not only fully editable and customizable but resizable too! So, you can easily resize your corporate poster and use it as a flyer, magazine advert, website ad, and more. 

  • Market it on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is like Instagram for the corporate world. From job announcements to new product launches to upcoming events, anything and everything in the business world finds its way onto LinkedIn.

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You can market your corporate event on LinkedIn by posting text posts and posting your created corporate poster, asking people to register for the event. Make sure to accompany your posts with trending hashtags and relevant keywords for maximum reach. And if you’re really looking to get that extra boost, then you can always apply a paid boost to your post, helping it reach even more people! 

  • Send Email Invites

Even today, people spend hours glued to their email inboxes, sifting and searching for the useful ones – which is exactly what makes sending email invites a game changer for your corporate event. 

Create an email invite using an online design tool such as PosterMyWall, add a hyperlink for registration, and pair it up with a catchy subject line – good ideas are to add action words, a time connotation, and to use the recipient’s name. Once your invites are out, your corporate event’s guest list will soon start flooding as people start to sign up. 

And the best part about sending out an email invite is that you can create an entire campaign behind it, sending out reminder emails to users who haven’t yet signed up, and sending out additional information about the event to those who have. Remember, if you stay in sight, you’ll stay in mind! 

  • Create a QR Code

Another great way to market your corporate event is by creating a QR code. Not only are QR codes versatile in their use – have it redirect to a registration form, a fun game, or your website where your corporate event is being advertised – but they’re also leading markers of technological advancements of the latest era. 

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Create a QR code and display it on your social media pages, your website, any print marketing material such as posters, flyers, or invites, or even a billboard! Once it’s up for everyone to see, the curiosity element will have people scanning and exploring themselves, resulting in sign-ups for your event without even having to ask for them! 

So, if you’re looking to promote your corporate event and boost attendance, then these stellar marketing and promotion strategies are the way to go! Not only will they bring guaranteed results, but you might even have to increase your attendee capacity! Just be sure to bring your own creative flair to these marketing hacks and let your business brand shine through so that people can make a brand image connection. Time to prepare for a corporate event of a lifetime

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