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What you must know About Royal mail priority post box collection times

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It’s not an easy process if we are going to order a postal test sent by a royal mail priority post box. The testing kit would reach with the leaflet of data, that contains detailed and clear data on what exactly we will require to do.

Sending your sample back cannot be trouble free, but the test itself is comparatively easy to send. Because we are required to discover a ‘priority post box‘.

So let’s know about the priority post box and how could you discover your nearest one?

What is exactly a priority post box?

It’s a key partner for the government COVID testing initiative, described by royal mail itself. They are collecting complete test kits from priority post boxes or from homes being a part of the government initiative.

If we are anticipating our local post box to carry like a sticker, but we reach to discover it doesn’t, we can still utilize it, though royal mail request us let them aware of by calling 0345 266 8038 from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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It’s likely we will be asked to post our entire covid test kit to one of the royal mail’s around 35000 specifically collected priority post boxes. These could be recognised by the NHS/Royal mail sticker attached to them.

There is nothing special from a graphic standpoint about these post boxes other than their stickers.

What is the work process of priority post boxes collection times?

Designating a number of post boxes as priority once can also assist to minimize the number of post boxes that are utilized to select corona virus samples.

Royal mail States it has worked in partnership with the chief medical officer to make sure that the procedure is secure for their colleagues.

This implies the less post boxes come into contact with the virus, hence reducing the risk of infection and spreading?

How do we discover our nearest priority post box?

Here we have the details on how to discover our nearest priority post box are laid out clearly in the guide booklet that reaches us with our test kit.

But if we are still in confusion, we would also be able to discover our nearest priority post box on the royal mail app or the royal mail website.

We have also discovered their phone number above and timing of calling them.

What should you consider on a priority post box website collection times ?

They are in the process of updating the data on all their priority post boxes. They are working hard to get the complete data but this doesn’t mean some of their royal mail priority post box may show different collection times to those advertised on “service near you” aur on the “royal mail app”. These two methods display the accurate latest collection times so please follow the information provided here and not on the priority post box.

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They are also assisting private providers of Covid-19 testing written completed kids to testing labs. If we ordered a test kit from a private owner, then we will have to follow the return instruction added with our kit.

Whether you are asked to return your sample using one of over 35000 specially chosen Royal mail priority post boxes please follow the instructions when your test must be posted back. Regular timing is Monday to Friday before mid day.

Learn to find a priority box near you

After finding our nearest priority post box on the Royal mail app or service near you, we would be able to further recognise it by NHS or Royal male sticker which would be attached with it.


How safe is it for women and postmen?

The health of their co-workers is their first priority. Royal mail has worked in collaboration with the chief medical officer to make sure that the procedure is safe for their co-workers.

I have arranged to have my entire test kit collection. How would you safely collect my kit?

They will perform a contact less collection while collecting your entire test kit they would retreat to meters away from your door after knocking. You must then put the entire kit on the doorstep and close your door. They will then collect the kit and if there is more than one kit to collect, they will place each one in a separate bag.

How could I cancel my booked collection?

You are not able to cancel your collection after booking it. Whether your test kit is not available for collection please let their driver know when they come to pick it up.

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Can I get time when my test kit would be collected after booking a home collection?

They cannot give you special time. Although if you have requested a morning collection they will collect your entire test kit between 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. if you requested an afternoon collection it would be between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

My test kit has not been turned up or not been collected.

They can collect your test kit up to 1 p.m. for a morning collection or 6:00 p.m. for an afternoon collection. If they have not collected your kit by these times, then you should contact the NHS on: 119 for Northern Ireland, Wales, and England.

0300 303 2713 for Scotland.

The collection driver does not want to take my test kit.

All test kids should be packaged accurately. To be sure there is no health and safety risk because of the potential leak of contents. They need all kids to have an outer packaging, for the sample not to be visible and for the lilac lebel to be affixed. Every kit must be packaged separately.

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