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How Do You Find the Best Centre for Childcare?

How Do You Find the Best Centre for Childcare?

by Alison Lurie

As a working parent, especially if your children are young, you might be looking for a centre to keep them safe and occupied while you are in your office, working. Regardless of where you live, whether in Eastern Sydney or Barangaroo (situated in Central Sydney), you want the best daycare for your children that offers high-quality services and safety and is close to your home or office. However, while finding a daycare centre for your kids is necessary, you mustn’t jump in headfirst and enrol them in the first centre you encounter. Picking the right centre involves thorough planning and research. And hopefully, this guide will help you find the best centre for childcare in Barangaroo.

Tips for Choosing the Right Daycare

According to a survey, in March 2021, 45.1% of Australian children aged 0-5 years were enrolled in a licensed daycare centre. So when looking for a daycare centre, there must be a billion questions running through your mind: how to narrow down the options, which centre to trust, if your child will be safe, if you’re making the right choice, etc. Hence, keeping the following factors in mind while conducting your research will help you pick the right childcare centre:

References and Reviews

Suppose your peers, colleagues, or acquaintances in the growing Barangaroo area, which is situated in the northwest end of Sydney CBD, have or know someone who has enrolled their kids in daycare. In that case, you can hardly go wrong with a word-of-mouth reference. And apart from references, when choosing a daycare, you may check for online reviews left by previous parents. 

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A Warm Environment

The right daycare centre would instantly give you a feeling of warmth, trust, and care. And you would want your child to spend time in a place and around people who are lively, vibrant, trustworthy, and reliable. So to ensure that, make sure:

  • The centre maintains cleanliness.
  • There is adequate space to accommodate children of different age groups.
  • The centre has the required equipment and supplies.
  • The children enrolled are safe and happy.
  • The staff and caregivers are friendly and helpful.

Highly Qualified Staff

Ensure the centre’s staff have the proper credentials and certificates that allow them to take care of children. And after ensuring the team is adequately trained and has the appropriate education, observe their interactions with the children. They should communicate appropriately, with friendliness, and be approachable.


One of the most crucial factors to look for in a childcare centre is how safe it is. Barangaroo, a place holding a significant position in Sydney’s maritime heritage, is a bustling suburban area, and children are curious, so ensuring your kids are safe at home, in a playground, or in a daycare centre is essential. Hence, ensure the centre is childproofed, clean, organised, and under regular vigilance. Also, make sure the centre has:

  • Bars on windows and doors
  • Childproofing
  • Safe toys
  • No tiny objects, such as buttons, nails etc.
  • No harmful or toxic items, such as medicines, paints, cleaning liquids, etc.

Various Activities

A proper daycare needs to have a diverse set of activities to keep the kids engaged and help their growth and development. The centre should not only follow appropriate rules and guidelines, with fixed studying, playing, eating, and resting schedules, but should also maintain flexibility when needed. A balance of flexibility and a proper plan teaches children discipline while ensuring they enjoy themselves.

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Finding the best childcare in Barangaroo (which was a famous fishing and hunting spot for the aboriginal) is essential to ensure your child remains safe and busy. So make sure the centre you pick is safe, clean, licensed, has a trained staff, and has various projects for a child’s growth and development.

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