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How Automated Billing is Beneficial for Businesses with Recurring Customers

How Automated Billing is Beneficial for Businesses with Recurring Customers

by Alison Lurie

As a new service or product-based company launches itself and starts gaining customers, they must keep the operation cost low and as simple as possible. They usually use their accounting software to maintain their orders, bills and transaction history. However, as the company expands and grows to become a franchise, bringing in regular customers, it must develop a solution to address the growing billing and customer service needs. Basic accounting software would not do the trick as they are designed for independent and internal use. They cannot interact with customers or maintain recurring payments.

Subscription billing systems come into play here to help the company enable the new customers to sign up for their services and provide a portal for the existing clients to make their routine bill payments.

They Save Time and Effort

For smaller businesses with minimal employees, maintaining multiple subscriptions and recurring bill payments can become tedious. An automated subscription billing system ensures that the customers or clients get their invoices regularly to ensure timely payment. It also saves the time that the business owners and companies would have to spend on marketing their products to increase their revenue. It enables them to develop a sustainable and profitable business model quickly, with minimal effort and manpower.

They Are Secure and Safe

The last thing that a company needs is a security breach and a PR issue. Security is the primary concern for business owners concerning handling accounts and online payment systems. The best-automated subscription billing systems make it their top priority to ensure that the bills, invoices, payments and transaction information are safe and secure. These portals ensure Data Security Standards (DSS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance set for Australian businesses for security management.

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They Help Lower Expenditure

Setting up one’s recurring billing system that is inclusive of online and offline payment methods like a credit card, debit card, and direct debit can be a hassle. It requires the companies and business owners to invest in sophisticated software and designers to set up a seamless portal. Also, getting a newly developed software PCI certified can be a complex and expensive process. Using subscription billing software by trusted service providers is a cost-effective choice as they would not have to invest in buying or building the software. It saves them the cost of setting up, repairing, customer complaints and allows them to reach out to the market in an affordable manner.

They Offer Flexible Billing and Payment Options

Automated billing systems can be customized to meet the billing needs of each company or the business owner. They offer flexible billing combinations and cycles required to optimize the billing process for their recurring and new customers. They also provide multiple payment gateways for customers to make their payments conveniently. It helps the business save thousands of dollars in transaction fees and can help make the transaction process more user-friendly and efficient.

Automated Sales Features

Trusted automated billing systems help streamline the entire online sales process efficiently. It improves customer experience by sending regular notifications, emails and receipts to the clients and also help with automatic retrial for failed payments which ensures customer loyalty. They also help businesses maintain the transaction and other financial records automatically. They provide real-time reports, providing information about the new members, payments, revenue, outstanding accounts every day. This process helps the business owners to maintain the financial data and submit them for audits without hassles.

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Australia has over 2,402,254 actively trading businesses that have millions of loyal customers. They can immensely benefit from automated billing systems to reach the top of the market.

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