Home Business How to make money from home for an Indian housewife?
How to make money from home for an Indian housewife?

How to make money from home for an Indian housewife?

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The majority of women in India are housewives and do not work on a regular basis. They are doing the housework and taking care of their children while the husbands go to work and make money in order to sustain the family. Owing to the fact that the economy in India is in rather poor condition, it is really hard for one member of the family to earn money so that it would be enough for everything.

How to make money from home for an Indian housewife?

That is why the number of women in India who want to make money from home is constantly increasing. They usually have enough free time to do something else apart from their chores. So, they decide to earn money either to become independent from their husbands or provide additional financial support to their families.


Therefore, Indian women start wondering what job opportunities exist for them and how they can make money online from home. There are quite a few options available for them.

Even housewives with few or no skills at all can find something to make for a living. While looking for a job, housewives should take certain things into consideration:

  • amount of time they are ready to devote to a job;
  • a part of the day that is convenient for them to work;
  • payment;
  • skills required.

If they meet the requirements of the job, they can apply and wait for submission.

Business ideas

These are some interesting ideas of work for Indian housewives:

  • Create homemade sweets. Making chocolate at home can be profitable work. A significant number of people like eating sweets. So, housewives can learn how to make candies from watching videos online and try to do that and sell.
  • Place bets. Gambling is an industry that is developing nowadays and is popular not only among men but also among women. Therefore, if housewives are fond of sports and have enough time to watch matches, they can try to make bets on Parimatch and make a profit out of that.
  • Create a personal blog. This sphere is catching on recently. That is why women from India can record videos about their everyday lives, how they make food, organize a house, do the chores and take care of their children. Other people, especially from abroad, will be interested to see what life in India looks like.
  • Make cards. This is a perfect business idea for creative housewives. They do not need a lot to start creating greeting cards. They should buy certain material that is needed for that work and start using their imagination in order to create attractive cards and sell them.
  • Cook food and sell it. It is an excellent way of making money from home for housewives. Probably all of them have certain cooking skills. Therefore, they can bake cakes for different occasions, for example, such as wedding or birthday cakes without leaving home. Also, housewives may sell them to customers or work for pastry shops and receive orders from them.
  • Make clothes. Housewives from India who can sew may turn this ability into a perfect way of making a profit. They can create original clothes and try to sell them online.
  • Teach children. It is also a good way to make extra money. Indian women may work at home, help pupils with their homework and earn money out of it.
  • Do manicures. Housewives may try to work in the beauty sphere and make extra money. They can open a studio at their houses, do nails for other women and get paid for that.
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To conclude, there are many different ideas for Indian housewives to make extra money. All they need to do is to choose the most attractive option for them.

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