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Effective Office Designs To Improve Employee Productivity 

Effective Office Designs To Improve Employee Productivity 

by Alison Lurie

There’s common thinking regarding the office spaces that talks about worker productivity being influenced by surrounding workspaces. And it’s entirely accurate! From random things like getting a pot of plant to other products like having an office coffee machine, this article highlights the different ways an office space can be optimised for effective performance.

Effective Office Designs To Improve Employee Productivity 

Productivity is important to any working space in an office building. A workplace wellness program is also an effective way to improve the productivity of employees.

Take a look at some of the most common factors below:

  1. Lighting: Many problems follow with inadequate lighting systems. Employees have reported headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate and other issues, and consequently, they can hamper their efficiency. If possible, make use of natural sunlight as much as possible and if renovating an office, design them so that they take in more sunlight reducing the need for artificial lighting. Natural light is stress relief as it is warm and soft for the eyes.
  2. Furniture: Everything from chairs and desks to work tables come under this category. Why is it important? Imagine this—an employee working in a company for at least 8 hours a day with short rest intervals. During work, they’re probably sitting in a chair for long periods in the same position. Ideally, this is not healthy for the body if the chair is not ergonomic. Investing in good comfortable chairs can help workers relax and improve their mood. This reduces the discomfort that will occur after long hours of sitting in the same place. Desks should be at a standard height so that the employees don’t have to stoop low for work.
  3. Colour Of The Workspace: As surprising as this may sound, colours influence the mood of a person and their well-being. Many colours are shown to draw both positive responses, like red and yellow, and negative responses, like blue or grey, from employees. Employees can also bring items that are brightly coloured and use them to stay emotionally positive throughout work.
  4. Availability of Refreshments: Nourishment is an important part of a functioning brain. Having a separate area for snacks, investing in a good office coffee machine or tea dispenser and providing small batches of fruits or nuts can go a long way in improving the mood and mentality of working individuals.
  5. Office Space Layout: Many offices in Australia have reduced their total floor area owing to changes in the different working conditions. Although changes are frequent from time to time, having space for free movement is essential. Grouping people who work in the same category in one area can also reduce confusion and distraction during work Organized office spaces like Gzira office space are conducive to the work environment.
  6. Let Nature Take Over: It’s common to see pots of plants in office spaces or near working cubicles. Having small pots of flowers and green plants have made employees feel more alive and, in turn, boost their morale and effectiveness during work.
  7. Get Rid Of As Many Distractions As Possible: This includes cluttering, noise from outside and other distractions that may hamper the work efficiency. Change the meeting areas so that it won’t be a nuisance to others and always have a fixed schedule for work and leisure time.
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Like every individual, employees also have their limits and aren’t just mindless machines. Taking care of them and providing for their basic amenities can go a long way in boosting work morale and office productivity in the long run.

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