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A Guide to Buying Baby Bags

A Guide to Buying Baby Bags

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With your baby’s arrival, you may need to bid adieu to your old handbags as you now need some extra space for carrying the essentials for the baby. And getting some stylish baby bags can solve your purpose and save you from making a fiasco of cramming everything within your old backpack or repurposing your gym holdall as a baby bag. You can get a wide range of options for baby bags that are stylish and elegant. And you may not miss your old handbags when you get your hand on the right one. 

The design of baby bags is a combination of function and form with a sleek and stylish exterior and a carefully designed interior. If you are looking to buy one, below is a guide that could help you get started.

Consider the type

Some of the common styles of baby bags available are:

Backpacks: Backpacks are the best choice if you are looking for a hands-free option offering ample space for the essentials. 

Messenger bags: Messenger bags are also easy to use and can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder.

Tote bags: Totes are the most popular choice and are carried over the shoulder.

Diaper clutches: Diaper clutches are portable with a small strap slipping over the wrist.  

If you are looking for minimalist options, you can go for a belt bag, fanny pack or even a waist bag. 

Check the space

Baby bags need to have a lot of space. When looking for one, check if it has individual compartments to keep clean-up supplies like nappy cream, baby wipes, food, and snacks. As you put every essential item in each compartment, you can easily know if you have forgotten anything or are short of any item.  

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You may also find various nappy bags that don’t provide enough room to keep the baby gear essentials. While some small compartments can help store smaller accessories, it may not be enough if you plan to enjoy a day out at the mall or by the beach. 

Focus on accessibility

Carrying a baby can be messy, and you must be prepared for everything. Therefore, the baby bags must have easy access pockets at the sides and the front to store bibs, tissues, wipes and other items so you can easily reach them instantaneously. Also, easily accessible storage space can be handy for storing your keys or phones as you’re out for the day with the baby.

Look for a stain-resistant surface

Your nappy bag can get messy despite the precautions you take. And you don’t want your beautiful and stylish baby bags stained by your baby’s sunscreen or a leaking formula bottle. Hence, bags with stain-resistant and wipeable surfaces can help you save a lot of hassle and make your life a lot easier. 

Assess carrying convenience

The convenience of carrying a baby bag is an essential requirement while you’re travelling. The best nappy bags are those that have multiple straps that can enable you to transform a satchel into a backpack in an instant. Also, zipped compartments keep all the items in place and safe throughout the day, while tap hooks make for easy storage.  

A baby bag is something you need for a few years after the baby’s arrival, and it must meet your style preference and parental requirements. Also, it is worth considering your lifestyle choices before buying one. A small bag can do fine for short trips. But a backpack would be a better choice if you’re always on the run.  

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