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What Are the Different Types of Nurse Watches You May Get? 

by Alison Lurie

For any medical professional, every second counts, and for that, one needs a timepiece that is a constant companion throughout the day. So if you’re a nurse, there’s no way you can use a smartphone as you need to have your hands free for that. You also can’t use regular wristwatches for hygiene reasons. Hence, you need a fob watch or specialised watches designed for medical professionals to help you keep time, maintain hygiene, remain organised and add some fun to your scrub. 

So, you can get a range of clock types, patterns, shapes and styles of watches that suit the varying needs. And here’s a breakdown of different types of watches available, so you know what to pick:

Classic Silicone Fob Watches

The most common type of nurse watch is a classic silicone fob watch. These watches are available in multiple designs and colour options that can match anyone’s style. They are easy to clean and have a removable watch dial and clip-on pin that you can take out according to your needs. And since hand hygiene is a top priority for a healthcare professional, fob watches like this can be an ideal option. 

Digital Fob Watches

Digital fob watches are gaining popularity in the nursing community in recent times. These watches have a stopwatch, hourly bell, light and alarm clock. These features help the professionals administer medication time and provide reminders throughout the shift. Also, these watches are durable and have a long-lasting battery. You can even customise display options to your preference which further adds to the convenience of the users.

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Pin Fob Watches

Pin fobs have safety pins you can thread through your scrub in any location of your preference. So, if you don’t mind pinning the watch to the lapel, you can pick a pin fob. Also, you can get these at affordable prices and in different colour options like silver, gold, rose gold and rose gold. 

Clip-on Fob Watches

Clip-on fob watches can be an excellent alternative to pinned ones that don’t poke holes in your scrubs. These watches are pretty simple in terms of style, and you can see eleven numbers clearly and 60 pips around the face for counting the seconds and minutes. A clip-on also has the feature of corresponding heart rates to help make quick estimates.

Metal Fob Watches

Metal fobs look classy on nurse scrubs and can be easy to clean. Also, the high-end and smart design makes them a preferred option for many. However, before buying, you may want to double-check whether or not you’re allowed to wear one in your ward. 

You can get metal fobs in bronze, gold, rose gold and silver colour options. These watches can be surprisingly lightweight, durable and almost resemble a traditional watch.

Simple Nurse’s Watch

You may prefer a timepiece that you can also wear outside work that is not pinned to your scrub. In such cases, you can wear subtle wrist-worn watches specifically designed for medical professionals. You may also use them during your duty; however, you must be mindful about not banging your arms against any object which could otherwise damage it. 

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The choice of a watch is entirely personal, and options are always better. And if you can’t decide, you can go with a basic one and then upgrade to a fancier one later. You also need to take care of the batteries, so it’s best to carry extra batteries and remain prepared when your watch is dead. 

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