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Flower Symbolism: Aesthetic vs. Meaning

Flower Bouquet: A Timeless Sign of Affection

by Alison Lurie

Flowers are classic gifts for anyone, and it is one of the most versatile gifts since it fits all events. And at some point, it does not need any occasions. As such, flowers are for expressing sentiments, so you can always give a flower bouquet to someone anytime to portray happiness, gratitude or apology.

Flower Symbolism: Aesthetic vs. Meaning

All flowers are beautiful and can bring joy to anyone who receives it. And roses are the safest when it comes to conveying a message. However, if you want to be unique or deliver a more profound meaning, you can pick other flowers.

Knowing more about flower symbols is good before picking a flower bouquet. So, here are some flowers that are common in a bouquet:


It means charm and love. On top of that, this flower is perfect for people who love mythology. For example, Greeks used to give asters as offering to altars of gods and goddesses.

Coral Roses

Unlike regular roses, coral roses signify friendship, humility and sympathy. Also, a bouquet containing this flower is good for someone who lost a loved one.

Yellow Roses

If given to a friend, it means warm affection. However, you might want to think twice before giving it to your partner or someone special since it has a hidden meaning of infidelity and jealousy.

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Calla Lilies

It symbolises attraction, while it also signifies rebirth and resurrection. Since it is also associated with fertility, it is common for weddings, especially for a bridal bouquet. The colours of this flower also signify different meanings.

  1. White: Youth and innocence.
  2. Pink: Romance
  3. Yellow: Gratitude
  4. Purple: Wisdom, royalty, loyalty, and admiration.
  5. Black: Generally, flowers of this colour mean beauty, mystery, and elegance.


Purple hyacinths are ideal for asking for an apology and conveying regret. But, at the same time, it also means sincerity and encouragement.


It is a way to tell someone that they are beautiful. So in a way, it is an excellent gift to express your love secretly. 

Pink Roses

It is for happiness, grace, gratitude, and appreciation.


From the Greek word that means Immortality, this addition to a bouquet means protection and hope. Therefore, it is suitable for wishing someone good health.


It symbolises positivity and loyalty, while sunflowers can be on par with red roses about unconditional love and faithfulness. 

There are countless other flowers that you may encounter in a bouquet, and it won’t hurt to do a little research on their meanings before giving them away.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Bouquet

It is advisable to pick a bouquet containing flowers that are in season. It is to ensure that your loved one only gets the freshest. Aside from that, it is also less expensive due to its availability.

It is also essential to know why you are buying and who will be the recipient. For example, it is best to avoid fragrant flowers if you buy them for someone sick or at a hospital. Aside from that, think of how long will the flowers last. 

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Lastly, even if flowers are daily gifts, it would still be best to choose a suitable bouquet for the occasion if there is one. For example, you would want to avoid yellow carnations for your wife on your anniversary since it connotes disappointment.

What It Means for the Recipient

Receiving flowers, especially if it is unexpected, brings happiness under any circumstances. Even those not much into flowers, most women usually get excited when getting a bouquet. It only proves that flowers are the most versatile gift for everyone. And take note, men are no longer an exception. 

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