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Regular HVAC Maintenance Benefit

How Does Regular HVAC Maintenance Benefit My Wardrobe?

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Indoor air pollution affects your home’s indoor air quality. There are countless sources of air pollution such as fumes from combustible products, tobacco smoke, deteriorating insulation, dust, household cleaning products, and more. Poor ventilation allows for increased levels of indoor air pollutants and higher humidity levels. Too little outdoor airflow allows pollutants to accumulate to harmful levels that can affect your health and comfort. Air leaks that allow air in and out of the home can also result in higher pollutant levels.

Your home’s indoor air quality affects clothes. Too much moisture and excess humidity can cause mildew and mold growth on clothing. The best way to maintain healthy indoor air quality is to keep up with your HVAC system’s preventative maintenance.

Improve your home’s indoor air quality.


A big step toward improving your home’s indoor air quality is to change the air filters on your air conditioner once every three months. A dirty air filter that’s covered in debris leads to poor airflow or the freezing of the evaporator coil. Dirty filters can’t filter out pollen, allergens, dust, mold, dander, and other pollutants that can aggravate allergies and asthma. The best way to keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system running as energy-efficiently as possible is to have a technician perform regular maintenance.

The professional service technicians at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating know all the benefits that regular maintenance provides. They offer homeowners air conditioner and heating system repair and installation, duct cleaning, tune-ups, and indoor air quality solutions. Their technicians will ensure your HVAC system is properly maintained to the highest standard so that your home will stay comfortable year-round.

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Make sure your stored clothes are dry.


You should always wash and completely dry your clothes before storing them. Storing damp clothing is a sure-fire way to end up with mildew-covered, musty-smelling clothes. There are specialty water-repellent sprays you can mist your clothes with to help ward off moisture, mildew, and moths. The best way to store prepared clothes is in a clear plastic container rather than a cardboard box.

Properly storing your clothes is an important part of maintaining them. Finding the right pair of dress pants can take effort, and once you do find the perfect pair of pants, you’ll want them to last for a while. The Quintessential Man has compiled a list of the best mens dress pants from notable designers. Whether you need slacks for a formal event or something with a tailor-fit for a casual look, it helps to know how to choose a pair of dress pants for your body type. It’s also important to consider if you prefer machine washable or dry-clean-only fabrics. Some men prefer a pleat to a flat front pant while others prefer wrinkle-resistant slim fit or relaxed waist pants. The best choice fabric for breathability and durability is wool trousers and dress pants. Every man needs a great fitting pair of dress pants in his wardrobe for all occasions.

Ensure your closet is free of moisture.


It’s important to store your clothes in the right storage space. An indoor closet is the best choice for storing seasonal clothing. The worst places to store your clothing include the garage, basement, or attic, as these areas are prone to moisture and humidity. Always inspect the condition of the storage space before putting anything inside. Keep an eye out for leaks in the walls, floor, or ceiling that will allow for moisture buildup. Place a small van inside your closet, keep the door open for a couple of hours at a time, and consider placing a dehumidifier near your storage space to control humidity.

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Keeping up with your HVAC system’s preventative maintenance provides peace of mind that your indoor air is free of pollutants. Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is beneficial for your health, your energy bills, and your clothes.

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