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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omega Watches

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omega Watches

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Omega timepieces were first created in 1848 by Louis Brandt in a small workshop in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland, a picturesque alpine region. They are part of the Swatch Group, which is one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers, producing Omega, Harry Winston, Swatch, Blancpain, and other well-known brands. People like Omega watches for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are high-quality watches that hold their value and come in a variety of styles.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Omega Watches

It is a well-known watch brand that has been favored by celebrities such as Daniel Craig, who wore it in his most recent Bond film, Simon Pegg, Tom Hanks, and Ryan Reynolds. If that isn’t enough to persuade you to purchase an Omega watch, consider the following reasons.

1. Precise Timekeeping

Omega has a very important job to do: maintain accurate time. Omega watches have been evaluated numerous times and have consistently been known to be highly accurate, breaking numerous records in the process. In Geneva, Switzerland in 1950, the brand set another record for accuracy timekeeping.  The Geneva Observatory Trials in 1931 awarded these timepieces first place in all segments. With accolades like that, it’s no surprise that Omega’s slogan “Exact time for life” was coined soon after the trials were completed. The quality is still there nearly 90 years later.

2.High-Quality Watches

When you purchase a brand new Omega watch, you can rest assured that it was made with the most advanced technology and materials available. You won’t have to worry about your watches being magnetized with that. They use high-quality materials, such as silicon springs, which prevent the watches from becoming magnetized.

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Omega watches have essentially traveled to the farthest reaches of the globe. During one of the first missions to Antarctica, an Omega watch served as the primary timekeeper. Divers and captains alike masterfully know about the Seamaster collection. When Buzz Aldrin walked off the solace of his spaceship and onto the moon’s surface, he was donning an Omega watch.

Omega outperforms all other brands when it comes to functionality and versatility. Omega watches can be dressed millions of miles away on the moon and in the depths of the ocean, but their versatile designs also allow them to be carried at formal events, at the office, and at home doing chores.

4. Innovativeness

Omega has taken huge progress for the watchmaking sector as a whole by discovering opportunities to enhance a watch’s tolerance to strong magnetic fields, in addition to transforming the way movements are constructed.

Magnetic fields can harm your wristwatch, slowing it down and making it increasingly inaccurate over time. This is why it’s essential to keep your watch away from your phone or any other magnetic-field-emitting devices. Omega was able to create a movement that did not contain any ferrous materials, making it magnetically resistant. This is a powerful replacement for the old method, which relied on casing techniques to allocate magnetism rather than completely inhibiting it.

5. Obtainable Luxury

You can typically charge tens of thousands of dollars per item for some luxury brands, but with Omega, you can expect about half of that. Most Omega models cost around $5000, making it a reasonably priced luxury watch, especially considering the brand’s quality and reputation.

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If you’re on a tight budget, there are always less expensive alternatives. However, if you have some other things to consider, an Omega is a good option. Omega timepieces are built to last and will serve you well no matter where your journeys take you.

6. Holds Value

One of your main concerns, especially if you’re looking into luxury watches as a first-time buyer, is whether the item will hold its value. Certain reasonably priced timepieces ($4,000-$9000) have a reputation for holding their value exceptionally well, even recognizing in some cases. The brand’s problem, however, is that it hasn’t retained a consistent product line over time. Because of their constant innovation, some of their timepieces end up at garage sales and swap meets.

7. Understated Elegance

Finding flashy Omega watches is almost impossible. Aside from technological developments, their classic designs have been around for centuries and have largely remained unchanged. This makes the brand an image of being the favorite among those looking for a high-quality timepiece that can be worn out in public or at work without appearing pretentious.

8. Virtuous Brand

When you get into the heart of the Omega, there’s a lot to like. It takes pride in being an honest and moral brand first and foremost. It is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a non-profit organization that establishes an international standard for ethical business practices in the gold, diamond, and platinum group metals. Human rights, environmental impact, mining practices, labor rights, product disclosure, and many other sensitive matters in the jewelry supply chain are all addressed in the Code of Practices.

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Another wonderful thing the brand doesn’t talk about is its collaboration with Orbis International. Orbis operates the Flying Eye Hospital, a massive cargo plane that has been converted into a cutting-edge medical facility complete with a surgery room. The plane flies to far-flung corners of the globe with medical personnel on board, then treats blind people and gives them the blessing of sight. Omega works closely with Orbis and has been a companion since 2011, but one of their signature services is providing a teddy bear to children having treatment.


A timepiece that can endure NASA’s rigorous testing and observatory trials will, of course, be able to handle whatever your lifestyle requires. These are watches that have been used by explorers and scientists in the most extreme environments. Water-resistance is tested on all Omega watches, and it is sure to be reliable. A selection of test pieces is also subjected to 5,000 g of means to enforce that they are shock-resistant enough for everyday use. So, whether you’re a diver, a secret agent, a sailor, or simply opting for a pleasant wristwatch for everyday use, the brand has something for you. These watches are more than just a luxury; they are what you need. Omega timepieces have stayed true to their roots, emphasizing precision, reliability, and functionality.

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