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Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Fur Coat

by Alison Lurie

Having the warm and thick jackets of cloudy or chilling days is the best feeling ever. Only organic fur jackets would provide such warmth. But, in recent times, other types of fabric jackets have come into existence. And these jackets are known as faux fur jackets.

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Faux fur is nothing but fake fur that is also known as the pile fabric. This fur is similar to organic animal fur and first came into the market in the year 1929. This fur is extracted from a South American creature. These furry jackets are similar to animal fur jackets but are much smoother than the original material.


One can find three main types of faux fur in the market. Faux fur is also known as artificial fur, fake fur, etc. The list of its types are as follow:

  • Long pile fur
  • Medium pile fur
  • Short pile fur

All these three types come in various designs and styles. They also include many colours and provide the best warmth to the people. A part of this fur is to reflect the reality and, so the types are called out with various names like the faux fox, faux rabbit etc. A few of the fabrics include artificial mink, lynx, sable, chinchilla etc.


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As mentioned earlier, it is fake material and, so the feel of the material depends on the types of materials used in manufacturing the jackets. Poor quality material would feel itchy, whereas the high-quality material would feel much more comfortable. The poor quality fur would often lose its colour and look after a regular dry clean, but that is not the scene in the case of high-quality furry materials. Though these jackets do not last forever, they are comparatively durable and long-lasting.

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Now that the types and information about faux fur in mentioned, people would think about the difference between faux fur and real fur. Here is the list of differences between faux fur and real fur.

  • Real fur has the ending fibres attached to its leather base, whereas the faux fur will have them attached at the knitted base. The base of the material is the first and foremost part that distinguishes the difference.
  • When someone pokes the material with the safety pin, and find the pin crossing the layer effectively, then it is known as faux fur. The natural material would be a little hard to let the pin cross the section.
  • Real fur materials are expensive compared to faux fur jackets. So, the price tag is another way of knowing if the material is an organic product or faux fur.
  • Burning the fibre in flames is yet another way of knowing if the material is real or fake. Real fur would smell like burnt hair, whereas faux fur would smell like burnt plastic.


  • Avoid wearing these faux fur materials jackets on monsoon days.
  • Remember to clean and wash out the stains instantly before the stains getting settled on the jacket. On the other hand, don’t dry clean them but let them dry naturally.
  • Comb the fur after it getting dry and place it in a safe place. Combing will help in keeping the material fresh and durable.
  • Remember to hand it only to the professional dry cleaners. Though hand cleaning is recommended, sometimes it is better to have the dry cleaning done with the professional’s advice.
  • Place the jackets in a wardrobe and make sure that the place is dry and clean.
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