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Hair Extensions 101

Hair Extensions 101

by Alison Lurie

The cosmetic industry is one among the most flourishing sources of business in today’s world. While there are innumerable products dedicated to skincare, the consequent most sourced products are accustomed to haircare.

Hair Extensions 101

Protecting the existing natural is one level of cosmetic advantage, the next being altering certain features that do not satisfy beauty standards. Hair extensions are one such arrangement. Check out some of the best Russian hair extensions in Melbourne and move onto more information on the same. 

Why do people choose hair extensions as an addition to all their haircare regimens? 

Haircare regimens help in maintaining the natural stature of one’s hair, whereas these extensions come as an additional benefit in the following aspects: 

  • Length: Most people undergo an immediate regret of trimming their hair to much shorter lengths under salon accidents that reduce hair height than what they intended. Hair extensions are the most effortless resort to add a few inches to one’s length. There may be worries of natural hair growth hindrances when one speaks of hair extensions. But certain types of hair extensions do not stunt natural hair growth and development. 
  • Volume: Hair extensions add more volume and giving it a denser appearance, and all it takes is an attachment of few wefts. Almost everyone wants their hair to look thicker and voluminous to give that extra bounce and lively feeling to its appearance.
  • Style and Accessorize: Some hair extensions can also be a way of accessorizing and styling one’s hair. For example, a branded hair extension will look beautiful as a headband or a side string with beads attached. 
  • Color: People who want to experiment with coloring their hair often worry about the damage it might cause to their hair texture and strength. Hair extensions come in various color shades, giving an option to choose from natural hair colors in the world. 
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While the reasons are different, one still needs to be aware of its various types depending on their methods of attachment and origin to choosing the best for their hair. Basic types of hair extensions are categorized based on their materials – natural hair or synthetic fibers. Most people prefer hair extensions sourced from natural hair donors as it locks a more naturally appealing appearance. 

  • Origin: Hair extensions are sourced worldwide for various hair types, colors, textures, and densities. Some of the most famous sources of hair extensions are India, Europe, and Russia. They are famous because of their native genes and lifestyle habits that contribute to good hair health. Out of these, virgin Russian hair extensions are the no.1 in the market for their quality. 
  • Methods of attaching: Hair extensions are of many types based on their durability. There are temporary hair extension types like the clip-on extension that can be added and removed at one’s convenience. Semi-permanent options are the tape-ins, sew-ins, strand by strand attachment through micro rings, links, or bonds.
  • These are semi-permanent as they last up to 4 months maximum but need replacement if one decides to style them longer. Naturally, the temporary options are more friendly to one’s natural hair than a few semi-permanent ones. But the only disadvantage with the clip-on extension is that they require time for fitting them each day. It is an advantage to those who prefer having hair extensions on, only for special occasions. 

One could start debating their opinions of beauty standards, but a great deal of confidence is acquired each time one looks into the mirror to find a gleaming best version of themselves, physically. One can choose the best Russian hair extensions in Melbourne in their temporary or semi-permanent options as per one’s preference and uplift their appearance and confidence in one go.  

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