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Five cool Motocross essentials for safe riding

Five cool Motocross essentials for safe riding

by Alison Lurie

Riding is a passion for many and an obsession for some. One in every seven Australians experiences a stress condition. Moving outdoors for riding helps reducing stress and improves the connection with nature. Experts say that riding on off-road circuits can help promote discipline in driving on the tracks. Today, it has also become an adventurous competition where the only focus is to win. But the more the venture, the higher is the risk. Though it happens off-road, riders are vulnerable to injuries due to high speed. Buying an MX gear in Australia becomes the only way to stay protected!

Five cool Motocross essentials for safe riding

Motocross riding is more of an adventure than a fun sport. Many people moving into this discipline would love to try it. Dirt bikes are what many have a craze on! These bikes, designed to ride on rough grounds with dirt, can be super challenging. Other benefits are enhanced focus and reflex. For newbies and even experts who can lose control sometimes, accidents happen in a fraction of a second. Though nobody has control over a natural happening, one can do everything to protect themselves. In most races, riders without the necessary safety equipment are held back from racing. It shows how quintessential safety gears are.

Safety options that MX gear in Australia offers

Here is a list of safety gears one has to buy, making racing safe and fun!

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1.Full coverage helmet

Be it riding on the road or the tracks, riding without a helmet is the utmost risk one could take. But for Motocross racing, one needs to buy a full-face helmet rather than the usual one. These helmets can protect the entire face, including the chin and jawbones, during a fall. It also helps with weather protection and, one need not worry if it starts to drizzle while the race is on! Dust, rain and sun will not be a barrier to win with these cool full-coverage helmets. 

2.Mx jerseys

During a fall, the minimal injury one would face is getting scratched. With dirt bike racing, the terrain will be so rough that these scratches could be dangerous. A jersey, typically full handed, can keep away from scratches and aberrations. Picking an MX jersey can give extra protection against these injuries. Make sure to choose the right size, as a loose jersey may not offer good protection. And with tight ones, one may put comfort at stake.

3.Hand gloves

Gloves, specially designed for Motocross riding, gives better protection against scratches, cuts or other injuries to the hands. A padded set of gloves would be a top priority. One need not worry about their fingers sweat because these gloves, made of breathable fabric, offer extreme comfort. 

4.MX pants

Undoubtedly these safety pants will help save critical leg injuries and fractures during a crash. Unlike regular pants, they offer a sense of comfort when legs are placed closely with the motorbike. Some pants have adjustors that are usually velcros. Also, there would be side vents to prevent stickiness due to sweat!

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5.Mx boots

Wearing boots designed for dirt or Motorcross riding can help protect areas of the leg like the ankle, foot and calf. These areas are highly prone to injuries during a crash, and MX boots can keep them away. They guard the calf that comes in contact with the hot engine. Also, act as a shield against dirt and debris from the tracks adhere to the feet!

The above mentioned are the five vital safety essentials one has to rush buying. However, other gears like goggles, knee protectors are also necessary for the adventure to be completely safe!

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