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How to place your first bet and win

How to place your first bet and win

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Before making the first successful bet, you need to understand the basic concepts of betting, study all the terms and popular strategies.

How to place your first bet and win

It is also very important to understand the sports discipline, in which there is a desire to bet. To increase the chance of winning, all experienced bettors must conduct a thorough pre-match analysis.


What are sports betting and basic terms?

Before making your first bet, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic terms:

  • line – a list of upcoming events with odds offered by the bookmaker;
  • live – a list of events, bets on which can be made in real-time;
  • coefficient, quotes, or odds – a multiplier that can be used to determine the probability of a particular outcome, as well as the amount of winning;
  • single – a single bet on one outcome of one event;
  • express – bets on several matches; if at least one of them turns out to be wrong, all bets are lost;
  • free bet – a free bet within the framework of the promotion from the bookmaker.
  • you need to study the most common types of bets:
  • for the outcome;
  • to win with a handicap or Asian handicap;
  • total over or under.

For the first time, it’s best to bet on the outcome. For example, if it is a football match, there may be only 3 results:

  • the victory of team # 1;
  • the victory of team # 2;
  • draw.
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You need to choose one of three outcomes. If it is fixed, the bettor gets the win. Due to its simplicity, bets on the outcome are the most popular among both beginners and professional players.

To systematically win on such bets, bettors use various strategies. There are dozens of them, the exact list depends on the discipline. For example, if it is football, the most often used are classic dogon, Oscar Grind’s strategy, Miller’s method, flat, Callie’s criterion, and many others.

If you want to learn how to place bets, but don’t want to spend real money on it, you can try registering with a bookmaker with a free bet. For example, parimatch betting India offers a deposit bonus. The amount of the free game bank depends on the country of residence.

How to win on a bet accurately

Regardless of the sporting event and the chosen strategy, there is always a risk of losing. Unsuccessful bets are made not only by beginners but even the most experienced bettors. You should always understand that nothing can guarantee permanent winnings. If the bet turns out to be unsuccessful, you need to take it calmly. To bet successfully, you need to comply with the following conditions:

  • correct perception;
  • control of the game budget;
  • work with information.

A beginner bettor should remember that sports betting should only be fun. They should be perceived as a hobby, not a stable source of income. This allows you not to lose your mind, not to risk large amounts of funds.

The goal of betting for a beginner is not to make money, but to develop forecasting skills. As for the control of the game bank, you need to allocate for betting every month that amount that you do not mind saying goodbye to.

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After the first successful bet, there is no need to increase it and enter into unhealthy excitement. You also don’t need to try to recoup after a loss. It is imperative to keep a record of the bets made, mark the unsuccessful and winning ones.

One of the main conditions for successful betting is the ability to work with information. It is not enough to believe in the team. Before the event, you need to carefully and soberly analyze the chances of each. Assess fitness, motivation, line-up, head-to-head statistics, and other statistics.

Which strategy to choose for a beginner

Beginners are advised to choose flat as their first strategy. Even if 20 bets are unsuccessful, the bettor will still keep more than half of the playing bank. The essence of the strategy is that you need to bet 1-2% of the initial budget. For example, a user has deposited $ 100. This means that the amount of each bet should be no more than 2%. Unlike the classical Dogon and the Danish system, it does not increase with every step.

The flat is different:

  • academic;
  • static;
  • aggressive;
  • chaotic.

Academic allows you to constantly change the amount of the rate from 1% to 3% of the original budget. Static is suitable for a beginner because you can spend strictly 1% of the total game bank with each move. The aggressive flat offers rates from 2% to 3%, and chaotic ones – up to 15%.

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