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The Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers in 2022

The Best Kitchen Drawer Organizers in 2022

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Disarray concealed in drawers may readily camouflage a well-organized kitchen that seems that way. It’s not unusual for drawer contents to get out of hand, from an overflow of cutlery to a jumbled collection of kitchenware. The first and most critical step is to go through your inventory and discard everything that is broken or no longer usable. It’s time to put everything back in its proper place once you’ve cleaned up your kitchen of unnecessary objects. We’ve got you covered when it comes to organizing your drawers.

The finest ways to organize kitchen drawers may be found right here.

The Best of the Best

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Organizer is the best bamboo

  • When it comes to what we like
  • Organic bamboo is used in the construction of this product
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Large capacity for storing items

It is possible to fit this gorgeous bamboo organizer into a drawer of any size. In this generously sized tray, which measures 13.75″ x 17.75″ and expands to 20″ x 17.75″, you’ll discover up to nine compartments to store even the biggest silverware collection, including salad forks, soup spoons, and serving utensils. This bamboo drawer organizer is very sturdy and can be cleaned simply by wiping it down with a wet towel.

Lipper International Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers are the best choice for deep drawers

  • When it comes to what we like
  • Installing is a breeze.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Those Things We Hate
  • The drawer’s aesthetics may not be compatible

For those of us who have deep kitchen drawers, the temptation is to cram as much as possible into them. These tall dividers are designed with tension springs to keep them in place in your deep drawers. Baking pans, chopping boards, and platters may all be stored on their sides, making them more accessible and less prone to breakage. They may also be used to keep pots and pans from slipping around the stove.

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It can be enlarged from 18 to 22 inches in length, and each insert is 5 inches tall. With a simple wipe down or a gentle hand wash, they are easy to maintain.

For knives: Wüsthof 14-Slot Knife Organizer in the Drawer Drawer

  • When it comes to what we like
  • Sturdy and straightforward.
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Protects the blades of knives
  • Those Things We Hate
  • The more expensive option

To keep your favorite chef’s knife or a whole eight-piece table knife set safe and tidy, this insert is a must-have addition to any kitchen drawer. This 14-slot organizer is made of unpolished beech wood, which guarantees that your blades are well-protected. This method of storing the knives helps to keep them safe from being sliced when you reach inside the drawer.

There is space for eight shorter blade knives (such as parers or steak knives) and six larger blades with a 10-inch blade. A sharpening steel may also be stored in a longer slot. To avoid damaging the bottom of the drawer, the insert is padded with felt.

Expandable Utensil Tray by MadeSmart is ideal for larger utensils

  • When it comes to what we like
  • Construction is light-weight.
  • Inexpensive
  • Effortless to use and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Those Things We Hate
  • Wood or acrylic alternatives are more visually appealing

Silverware may be stored in pre-designed divisions in most utencil trays, but if your kitchen is full of big tools like ladles or spatulas you may want to choose an extensible tray that is both lightweight and extendable. This tray stretches from three to five sections and is constructed of BPA-free2 plastic that will endure for years.

If you have a large collection of bulky equipment like ice cream scoops or wine accessories, this is a wonderful, inexpensive alternative with a wide capacity. Rubber feet and a soft grip lining keep the tray in place, while the rounded edges make it easy to clean.

Drawer Organizer: Adjustable Drawer Organizer for Practical Comfort

  • When it comes to what we like
  • Customizable to the nth degree
  • Sleek and minimalistic in design
  • Installing is a breeze
  • Those Things We Hate
  • What’s the long-term viability of this product?

Using this adjustable drawer organizer is a dream come true. In addition to the three long and six short dividers, it also comes with a range of extenders so that you may customize the section sizes in your drawer. Organize your “junk drawer” or create specific locations for odd-sized kitchen devices.

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Dividing walls made of brushed metal are both stylish and robust. Make careful to measure your drawer before purchasing this set, since it comes in three different sizes.

The Lynk Professional Spice Rack Tray Insert is the best for spices

  • The things we like
  • Inexpensive
  • The building is quite well-built.
  • A total of 24 spices may be stored in this container.
  • Those Things We Hate
  • When all of the spices are in the same containers, it works best

You may hide your spices in a drawer with the help of this insert if you have a large collection but wish to keep them out of sight. Designed to accommodate up to 24 jars of spices, herbs, salts, and more, this rack is constructed from heavy-gauge steel. You won’t have to rummage through an overflowing cupboard to find the right spices.

This specific size is designed to accommodate drawers that are at least 10.5 inches wide, but it is available in a variety of other sizes for both smaller and bigger areas.

Kootek’s 16-Piece Drawer Organizer is the best stackable drawer organizer available

  • When it comes to what we like
  • There are a variety of ways to arrange things.
  • It’s ideal for storing tiny objects
  • Versatile
  • Those Things We Hate
  • Doesn’t provide any information. A BPA-free plastic

Five different tray sizes are included in this 16-piece set, allowing you to customize your storage space to suit your requirements. You may use this set to organize a drawer full of various cooking utensils, from wine stoppers and bag clips to chopsticks and tea strainers.

You’ll always know what’s in the trays since they’re made of clear, sturdy plastic. The containers may be stacked on top of each other to maximize vertical space. Using warm soapy water and a soft scrubber, wash them and let them dry before using.

Peg Board System 6.62×30.25×21.5 inch Drawer Organizer for Pots and Pans

  • When it comes to what we like
  • This is a fantastic personalized choice for storing kitchenware.
  • Can be cut to suit drawers to the millimeter.
  • Those Things We Hate
  • Table saws are required for trimming

Cooking utensils are among the heaviest goods in the kitchen, making them difficult to store. When it comes to organizing your pots and pans, this wooden pegboard system is a great option. The supplied pegs let you organize your pots and pans in a way that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

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Clear coat protects the maple timber used to construct the set. A table saw may be used to further modify each set, which comes in three various sizes.

Drawer Organizers: What You Should Look for


Everything from plastic and wood to bamboo and rubber and even metal is used to make organizers nowadays. Decide what you want to see when you open your kitchen drawer—aside from the neatly arranged things, of course (examples of organizers).


In order for your life to be simpler, you need organizers who are going to execute their job as well as you are. There should be enough slots in the silverware tray to accommodate the utensils you already own, and the bins you use to store the “required” things in the rubbish drawer should be the correct size and form. Measure your drawers and pick the organizers that best fit your needs.


That organizer that you believed would work in your kitchen drawers isn’t going to fit if it’s not a conventional size. For those hard-to-fit drawers, customizable organizers are a godsend; some are extensible, and others can be cut down to suit your drawers.


Do you know how to arrange your kitchen drawer?

Just set aside some time and get it done. Organize your drawers by taking a risk and putting in the effort. Remove everything you haven’t used in a while or that is broken from each drawer first. After that, begin reintroducing the objects you do use, but this time, store them in an organizer, such as a container or a drawer divider. In addition to looking nicer, you’ll have an easier time locating the goods you need now that the clutter has been removed.

What’s the best technique to keep your deep drawers organized?

When it comes to deep drawers, we prefer to stack items on top of one other since they can store a lot of stuff. This is an excellent technique to arrange an area if the bowls fit within one other. The things in these deep drawers may be better organized if dividers are put in place. In addition, having a variety of bin sizes might be helpful.

Do you have a place for goods that are seldom used?

Rarely used items, such as holiday dishes and extra-large pots, should be relegated to the back of any deep cabinets in your house. The only time you’ll have to deal with them is when you really need them.

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