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4 Glaring SEO Mistakes To Address In An Instant

4 Glaring SEO Mistakes To Address In An Instant

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Apart from being the biggest city in Western Australia in terms of population, Perth also dominates the state’s economy. As a result, it offers plenty of job opportunities for people residing in the area. Retail and wholesale shops dominate the city, so businesses rely on agencies that offer SEO in Perth to help them thrive despite the tough competition. 

4 Glaring SEO Mistakes To Address In An Instant

Maintaining websites is necessary for businesses in Perth to let them enjoy a good online reputation and reach as many target audiences as possible. But there are times when even the most well-designed websites may still encounter several issues, especially those pertaining to SEO. Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes that you need to address as soon as possible. 

1: Forgetting To Add Image Tags 

Eye-catching and relevant images make websites more engaging for the target users. But no matter how colourful and interesting the images are, they will remain highly invisible to search engine crawlers. To address this issue, your SEO Perth team must always include image tags in your content.

 You need to ensure that all the images on your site are properly optimised to help search spiders crawl and index them appropriately. It means you must include ALT tags on every shot and add an appropriate description. You only need to ensure that you will not put too many Alt tags with keywords to avoid keyword stuffing. 

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2: Prolonged Waiting Time 

Due to today’s hectic world, most Internet users no longer have the patience to wait for websites to load. On average, users only allow a two-second waiting time before they decide to move on to another website. Because the loading speed of web pages is a crucial consideration for user experience, Google decided to add it in their previous SEO ranking factor update

You may check your website’s load speed by using online tools like Page Speed Insights, Pingdom or GT Metrix. These tools will also tell you the reasons why your page speed is too low so that you can fix it immediately.

3: Neglecting to Research About Long Tail Keywords 

There are instances when you already published content and optimise the website using your top keywords and phrases. But you may miss out on plenty of opportunities to put your website in the top ranks because a significant number of search queries match your exact keywords. 

If this is your case, you may check what keywords or phrases you miss using any keyword analytics tool. It will look into your site’s organic and paid keywords and determine the search and traffic volumes, related keywords, and trends to help you improve your website.    

4: Absence of XML Sitemap

Websites need to have an XML sitemap to help search bots find the pages they want to index. It will also tell the bots the hierarchical relationship among the individual pages. The sitemap can be helpful to let the pages rank higher even if they are hidden three or more levels within the site. 

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The sitemap that search engines can recognise must be created in XML. It may be a different sitemap for your target visitors. But both sitemaps must allow the users and the bots to find a specific page.  

Recognising the common SEO mistakes on your website will help you address the problem promptly. You may list down the mistakes that you noticed and report them to your SEO specialists right away. Once these problems are fixed, you will find a significant increase in your site rankings in the long run. 

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