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6 Best Invoice Management Software for Your Business

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When your business is sending out invoices, this is great news! It means you are collecting money. Unfortunately, while it sounds simple, it is not.

First, you must create an invoice, then accept a payment. Sometimes clients won’t pay right away, and you have to follow up. The time you spend tracking down payments is time you are not using on better tasks, like building your sales pipeline.

That is why invoice management software is so critical because it simplifies sending invoices. It helps automate the work.

Are you looking for simple invoice software to make your business get paid more efficiently? That’s great because here we have the best invoice management software you can get. Keep reading for the details.

1. PayPal

It is likely your clients use PayPal already. It is popular. Also, PayPal carries an excellent reputation, which will make your customers comfortable using it.

When a client sends you a payment, they add it to your PayPal account. You can transfer the funds to your bank account at any time.

PayPal lets you create a basic invoice. If you are looking for something branded to your business and stylish, you can use an invoice template from here too.

2. Stripe

Some clients may insist on sending you a wire transfer. The challenge with this is that you may not want to give them your sensitive banking information. This includes the routing number and account number.

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The best thing about using Stripe is that you can accept a wire transfer without leaving your bank account exposed. With Stripe invoicing, you can generate a virtual bank account number that you can use for accepting wire transfers, adding a layer of protection. The application will reconcile an incoming wire payment along with the outstanding invoice.

3. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a free invoice management software for up to five customers. You can email an invoice immediately or put it on a schedule to send later. Plus, if you may have a customer that likes a hard copy of the invoice sent in the mail.

In this case, you have the option to click “Send Snail Mail.” Zoho will print it and send it to you for a nominal fee (as long as it is in the U.S.). It even includes a detachable payment stub for a professional look.

4. Square

Square is a perfect invoice manager software if you are working with clients that require estimates and negotiating. That is because you can offer various packages in one estimate and then convert the package the client accepts into an invoice automatically. It helps eliminate back and forth.

5. Invoice2go

If you are a tech-savvy company that likes additional options for sending invoices beyond just email, this is a great application for you. You can send invoices via:

  • Text message
  • Slack
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Any messaging app on a phone

You send the invoice through Invoice2go, which sends the client a link to their portal. The client can view, download, and make payment.

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AND.CO is a great invoice manager software for freelancers. Besides invoicing, it offers time tracking and task management. You can build a proposal, track the time you work toward the client and project, and generate an invoice fast from your timesheets.

The Best Invoice Management Software

These are all great options for invoice management software. The one that is best depends on your unique needs. We know that no matter which you choose, you will save time on invoicing.

We love helping you save time in your professional career. For more fantastic career hacks, visit us again soon for our latest articles.

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