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Easy Ways to Clean and Maintain Kitchen Handles

by Alison Lurie

Kitchen handles are perfect items that accentuate the beauty of your beloved cooking space. They come in wood, metal, or alloys.

These handles, however, look lustrous and shiny only if you maintain them properly. Hence, be it brass kitchen handles or steel, you need to follow the right approach for effective cleaning.

This article walks through simple yet proven ways to care for your luxurious kitchen handles. So, scroll ahead and note essential pointers to create that spick and span look you always aspire to achieve.  

1. Use a Vinegar Solution

It might be challenging to maintain the unique shine if you have handles made from materials like brass or other alloys.

For this purpose, you can use vinegar (distilled) with water to wipe the handles. Ensure that you mix both these fluids well in a spray bottle.

After effective shaking, spray the solution on a clean rag. Use this cloth to clean the surface of the handles and cabinet. For giving the finishing touch, you can use chamois leather. To avoid any intense reaction with the metal handles, mix water in an adequate quantity.

2. Ultrasonic Cleaners

You can even opt for sonic cleaning machines to clean kitchen handles and cabinets. This equipment produces ultrasonic frequency.

The resultant motion leads to the generation of tiny bubbles in the cleaning solution. Further, the solution comes in contact with the handles, removing dirt and corrosion layer from the surface. 

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As a result, you get a renewed look on your alloy or brass kitchen handles.

3. Use a Soap Solution

High-quality metallic kitchen handles have a protective layer that prevents easy corrosion. Hence, the cost of such items is on the expensive side.

However, if you are okay with the budget facet, these handles can offer high flexibility for maintenance. For instance, you can apply a layer of soap water on their surface.

On the other hand, you can even soak them in such a solution overnight. This way, you will easily remove the dirt, grime, and other thick layers. Using soap with less concentrated ingredients is still vital to minimise its impact on the outer layer.

4. Clean Regularly with Microfibre Cloth

A microfibre cloth isn’t just limited to cleaning your favourite electronics. This practical item can help keep dust away from those beautiful kitchen handles.

Notably, you do not require any solution for such maintenance. Use a dry microfiber cloth once daily and notice the difference.

Handles made from materials like brass or steel will always be easier to clean. So, ensure that you follow this maintenance tip without fail.

In a Nutshell

Cleaning kitchen handles isn’t a highly complicated task. Vinegar, soap water, microfibre cloth, and ultrasonic cleaners can prove adequate for regular maintenance.

Notably, all these methods fit variable budgets. So, you can choose any of these options as per your investment. It is still vital to follow some technicalities for cleaning purposes.

For instance, always use distilled vinegar with water to clean alloy kitchen handles. Further, set the ultrasonic cleaner at the suggested frequency to ensure optimal cleaning. Following such fundamentals can avoid damage to the outer layer of such equipment.

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As a result, you can maintain the lustre and shine of your cabinet effectively. Moreover, ensure that you buy items such as kitchen handles from trustworthy retailers.

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