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Residential Single Room Air Conditioning: A Cost-Effective Option

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As the summer months approach, homeowners are busy running air conditioners to help cool the homes and keep the family comfortable. However, not all homeowners have central air conditioning, and some may find that there is a need for a more economical option to stay cool. 

The residential single room air conditioning uses a split system to condition an individual area of a home. Split systems have two major components: the outdoor unit, or condenser, and the indoor unit, or evaporator coil. The outdoor unit contains an expansion valve that opens and closes according to temperature fluctuations in the area. It also holds an electric motor that powers the compressor directly attached to the outside. The motor runs on either 115 or 230 volts, depending on the power source available at home. The indoor coil unit sits inside the home and requires a window for installation.

Note that some units can be installed outside, but most are designed for installation inside the home. This is essential when purchasing a window air conditioner because it can significantly affect how the device performs and its overall efficiency. The location chosen for the unit will affect temperature levels, cooling costs, and utility costs. For example, south-facing windows generally get more sun than north-facing ones. Also, consider that heat gain from sunlight will make the unit work harder and require additional energy to keep cool if it faces a sunny area.

If  considering a single room air conditioner for  home, here are some things to keep in mind:

Room size: Make sure the unit chosen is sized correctly for the selected room to cool. An undersized cooling unit will have to work harder to cool the space, while an oversized unit will cool the area too quickly, resulting in wasted energy.

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Type of window: Single room air conditioners are designed for installation in standard windows. If the window is non-standard,  there may be a need to purchase an adapter kit or have a custom window installed.

Installation: Most single room air conditioners can be installed without professional help. However, if not confident in the ability to install the unit, it’s best to hire a professional. Improper installation can damage the home and void the warranty on the unit.

Why Single Room?

There are many reasons to choose a single room air conditioner over a central air system. One reason is cost. A single room air conditioner is less expensive to purchase and operate than a central air system. Another reason is convenience. A single room air conditioner can be installed in minutes and does not require ductwork or other extensive renovations. Finally, a single room air conditioner can provide targeted cooling to a specific room or area, typically ideal for small spaces or rooms that are difficult to cool with a central air system.

Space Concerns? Hang Them on the Wall!

If concerned about space in the home, consider a wall-mounted air conditioner. These units are an excellent option for cooling a single room and can be installed without taking up valuable floor space. Wall-mounted air conditioners are also relatively affordable, making them a cost-effective option for climate control in the home.

Estimated Cost to Install a Residential Single Room Air Conditioning System?

Installing a residential single room air conditioning system can be a cost-effective way to cool the home. The cost of the unit and installation will vary depending on the unit’s size, the unit type, and the installation’s complexity. However, the buyer might pay between $500 and $3000 for a quality unit and installation.

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For many homeowners, a single room air conditioner is a cost-effective way to keep the home cool during summer. By cooling only the rooms that are being used, homeowners can save on their energy bills while still staying comfortable. Single room air conditioners are also easy to install and can be moved from room to room as needed. If considering adding an air conditioner to your home, a single room unit may be the ideal option.

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