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If You Want TV with Internet At the Cost of One, Choose Xfinity

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In times of inflation, while the internet is a necessity, TV has become a luxury that many cannot afford. Well, besides inflation, people’s TV watching or content consuming preferences have changed, and they prefer on-demand content more now. People these days already know what they want to watch and they have online accounts of one or two streaming services to watch. Gone are the days when people used to wait for live shows on TV to watch them being on-aired on their favorite TV channels.

These days it is more convenient and easier to get a streaming service rather than complete cable TV if you are the only user of internet and TV. Well, with Xfinity you not only get fairly affordable internet service, but it also comes with a free Xfinity flex 4K streaming box and free content to watch.

Well, besides the two amazing benefits that come free with Xfinity internet, there are several other perks that you get with any of Xfinity’s internet.

Free Xfinity 4K Flex Box

First things first, any internet package that you get, Xfinity 4K Flex TV streaming box comes free with it. The streaming box comes with it its own list of 4K content to watch. The Flex Box is easy to set up, and once you set it up, you have a free list of content to watch.

Free Peacock Premium and Xumo

Well, along with the 4k Flex box, you also get free Peacock Premium as well as Xumo. You get these premium streaming services without having to subscribe to any of Xfinity ’s TV packages. If you are someone who loves watching and you think that the two streaming services are not enough for you, you can always go check out Xfinity TV Plans and buy the one that suits you. You can also check out the bundle packages that include TV, internet, as well as phone.

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4K Content Can Be Viewed On a Non-4K TV

Well, when it comes to 4K ultra HD content, you do not necessarily need a 4K TV, and the content can easily be streamed on your non-4K TV as well. So, all you really need for the 4K Flex box is an internet package and a TV where you can set up the streaming box.

4K Flex Supports All Popular Streaming Services

Well, just in case you are a sole user of the internet and TV in your home, you will not be needing a full-fledged TV service, but if you like a specific show that is not available on Peacock Premium as well as Xumo, do not worry. The 4K streaming box supports all popular streaming services as even if you want to add new streaming services, you can add them on your flex box and enjoy content in 4K, supports Netflix, HBO Max, Starz, Disney+, Prime Video, and much more.

Voice Remote

Well, this is not it, the Xfinity Flex Box comes with an award-winning voice remote as well which allows you to give your desired commands, making things super accessible, and easy. For instance, if you have to access your desired streaming service, all you need to do is say the name on your voice remote and it will be in front of you.

Internet Speed

Well, Xfinity is an internet service provider that is known for its fast speeds. Some speeds that it offers are faster than a gig and good enough for you if you are a gamer, heavy streaming, have an entire smart home, and also work from home. If you live alone, or if you are a family, Xfinity has suitable speed packages for everyone. Besides, the best thing is that even if you get the lowest speed tier and the cheapest package, you still get the Xfinity Flex box free.

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Easy Installation

Well, apart from all other perks, the flex 4K streaming box is easy to install and can be set up and enabled within five minutes. So, you don’t have to call a support or tech professional to install it for you.

High Data Cap

Well, often times when you have a lot of streaming content to watch, you run out of data due to low data allowance. Well, Xfinity has a data cap of 1.2 TBs on all its internet packages. This data allowance is good enough for you if you are a heavy streamer, gamer, and also use the internet for other things.

Well, when internet service providers offer unlimited internet, they start to slow your internet down by the end of the billing cycle because you might have used it excessively. While this is not an ethical thing to do, Xfinity has an ultra-high data cap on its packages so that you don’t even exceed the limit, and your internet doesn’t slow down.

Xfinity Nationwide Hotspots

Well, this is not it. Xfinity allows you to take your internet as well as streaming outside of the home without exposing yourself to security risks. When you are out and you need internet, you often expose yourself to open Wi-Fi networks that are open hubs to cybercrimes and threats. While this might be dangerous for you, if you get Xfinity, you can connect to nationwide free Wi-Fi hotspots from your Xfinity hotspot app. This way you can be safe from cyber threats, and access the internet on your phone even when you are out.

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Final Verdict

Well, the thing that is best about Xfinity is the value it creates for your money. As mentioned above, so many things in the price of one is a deal one cannot miss. Along with its other services Xfinity is a leading internet service provider in the US due to its affordability, reliability, accessibility, and the countless external benefits that make it a treat for anyone who subscribes to it.

So, if you also want to enjoy TV with the internet at the cost of one, buy your Xfinity internet package now and get the 4K Streaming box free.

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