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Best Avon Cycles For Kids, Men, Women

Best Avon Cycles For Kids, Men, Women

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Avon is among the top brands of cycles still going strong because of its durability and excellent quality. Avon Cycles Ltd. was established in 1948. Since then, it has grown and has placed its name among the largest bicycle manufacturers in India. Today, there are over 200 models of cycles available from Avon. You can find Avon cycles for children, teenagers, and adults. Here is a list of some of the top Avon cycles you should know for kids, women, and men.

Kian 20T

This kid’s cycle from Avon is available in two colour combinations; black and orange and black and blue. The bicycle looks stunning in both colour combinations. The bike comes with a Pu Cushion saddle that ensures comfort for long rides and is suitable for various terrains. Its handlebar is raised but provides a firm grip so that the hand does not slip when riding this bicycle. The soft handlebar ensures it does not hurt the hands. This bicycle for kids who have experience in riding bicycles.

Prizm 20T        

This Avon cycle for girls is available in three colours; red and green, blue and red, and Barbie pink. It has a backrest that ensures comfort when riding the bicycle. It comes with training wheels to provide balance and coordination. This bicycle is for girls learning to ride bigger bicycles. It comes with soft grips for easy control of the bicycle. It has a basket in the front to carry items. This bicycle has brake callipers for efficient and quick braking.

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Glory 24T

This bicycle is for women. It comes in four colour options; pink, violet, green, and burgundy. Its swan neck handlebar looks elegant and beautiful. The Pu Cushion saddle ensures comfort whether you are going grocery shopping or a morning cycling session. It has brake callipers that provide better brake performance. It has an appealing design and comes with a mesh basket in the front so you can store what you want. Its design ensures balance so you can ride with utmost comfort wherever you are going. It has an MTB fork for better comfort when you ride on difficult trails.

Miami 26T

The Miami 26T bicycle for women is among the best ones available from the Avon brand. It is available in three bright colours; blue, magenta, and orange. The Pu Cushion saddle allows you to enjoy your long journeys on this fantastic bicycle. It has a classy swan neck handlebar that makes it easy and comfortable for you to control your bicycle. Whether you are going for your work, cycling with your children or going to the vegetable market, this cycle is sure to be the perfect fit for every occasion. It has a mesh basket that enables you to keep items in it.

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Element Pro 29T

This Avon cycle for men is a mountain bike that is made for rugged terrains. It is available in three colours and is stylish for men who want a powerful mountain bike that looks cool. This cycle enables you to go on an adventure as it can easily handle multiple challenging terrains. It comes with front and rear disc brakes so you can brake efficiently and quickly when you need to. It has threadless suspension and a straight handlebar with extension. Its saddle is comfortable for every ride. If you are a bike enthusiast, then get this bicycle because it is one of the best available from the Avon brand.

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Gen Now 27.5/26T 

This mountain bicycle from Avon for men is for those adventurous ones that love the thrill of riding on a mountain. The bike is available in three colours so you can pick as per your preference. The bike has a fork suspension, has a short bend handlebar with extension, and a Pu cushion saddle with QR. It comes with front and rear disk brakes to ensure you can stop swiftly stop your bike. It is one of the top bikes from Avon and its striking looks make it stand out from the rest. It comes with a water bottle holder to ensure hydration when you are going for long rides. 

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