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free guide for textsheet- 10 Free Websites like Textsheet in 2021.

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textsheet: The site is more like a search engine, rather than its own collection. It uses APIs from other response databases to provide and collect solutions for searching users. However, like many services that use the “search engine” approach, they face legal issues throughout the website’s life cycle. 

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What is the textsheet, The best  10 webSites Like textsheet and Best Textsheet Alternative?

What is textsheet

textsheet is one of the best online education websites for students. According to the needs of students, he provides them with the best answers and solutions to help them complete college assignments or school assignments or projects.

It is used as a reference for your homework help. But the sad thing for students is that the website has been closed and they are now looking for related websites, such as textsheet.com, to help them complete their homework and assignments.

textsheet.com is an online repository for students with textbook answers, homework solutions, and other help. Its users love its simplicity and ease of use, and because the site provides its solutions for free, it has become one of the most visited academic answer sites on the Internet. 

Best Textsheet Alternatives in 2021 - Recommended by PRO's

textsheet.com finally received a DMCA copyright withdrawal notice from Cheng, an American educational institution, because its search results contained thousands of Chegg replies, which were subsequently deleted by textsheet. There are many alternatives to provide services similar to text tables.

 If you are a student seeking help with homework or academic answers, this list will show your best alternatives to text‌sheet.com.

Why does the textsheet not work? 

For those who still want to know what happened to such a useful and clever website, I want to inform you that the website has been closed due to copyright infringement. You know that the text table provides a solution to your education problem through the Cheg API (including Hero, of course), which is why Cheg Company complained about the site. 

In this regard, the world-renowned student website has not begun to put all children at risk of children’s studies and homework.

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11 Best Textsheet Alternatives 2021 - Rigorous Themes

What is a textsheet?

What happened to the textsheet ? Textbooks provide students with corporate and unpaid school activities so they can solve unnecessary school problems. As the site became popular, they provided copies and responses to various payment responses from websites from Cheg to Cheg that sent them DMCA copyright infringement. According to the latest report, the textsheet website has been banned due to copyright infringement resulting in the website being completely shut down.

The best Alternatives of textsheet for college students in 2021.

This is a list of the best textsheet for college students to help with homework and homework assignments. Even some of these online options are free, others are cheap (cheap) and malware-free.

1. Slader. 

Slader is an ultra-modern educational website for students to complete homework and homework. It can perfectly replace textsheet.com and provide free or low-cost textsheet answers for middle school, high school, and college students. Here, you can find expert answer keys, handwritten notes, and commonly used textbook formulas. 

Slader provides solutions for mathematics, science, history, English, world languages, economics, geography, etc. Slader contains millions of textbook problems and provides step-by-step solutions to textbook problems for better understanding. 

The Slader app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Marketplace. You only need to download the app on your phone, scan the textbook barcode, or search for the textbook title, and Slider will provide the solution.

2. School Solver. 

School Solver is a popular website for sharing textbook answers among students. This is another good alternative to texsheet.com. If you need help with homework or want to earn extra income by sharing notes and knowledge, School Solver is the website for you. To get the answer, you just need to post your question, and trainers from different backgrounds will explain your question step by step. 

Provide solutions for multiple disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. The best part of the School Solver website is that you can get a step-by-step solution to the problems raised by the teacher tutor.

3. StudyLib. 

 If you are looking for a study guide for a course, StudyLib.net is your choice. Unlike Slider, the website is like an alternative library where you can find a wealth of knowledge and resources on various topics. Yes, you can use StudyLib for your school and university homework and homework, but the way the site is organized compared to Slander and textsheet. 

All you have to do is let them join this platform, and then you can easily share notes in your circles and around the world. StudyLib allows you to create a digital flashboard for your study materials and study guides, allowing you to easily access the notes and key points needed during the exam, and to be more organized in your study materials. The website is available to students from all over the world.

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4. CourseHero. 

CourseHero is an online learning platform with more than 40 million course-specific learning materials. It is one of the best alternatives to textsheet.com, providing homework and homework solutions for students provided by the Association of Students and Educators. Here, you can quickly find resources and answers about homework and assignments and classroom learning content. 

This is a premium service; you can use Course Heroes for free by sharing notes and cooperating with you by solving problems. Otherwise, of course, to use heroes, you must purchase them.

5. Spark Notes. 

 This is not your exact FAQ website. Spark Notes is a platform where you can learn more about a topic and find important tips and suggestions related to each lesson. Spark textsheet Replacement This website helps you create text notes, you can access notes made by classmates, and vice versa. In addition, Spark Notes‌ includes special books and courses to record your courses for free. 

So you don’t have to worry about completing a 200-page book before the exam. These borrowed books will reduce your work and study time and provide you with valuable information on specific topics.

6. Quizlet. 

Although Quizlet has taken over the technological world, we all know that we must learn from our textbooks, and sometimes our book may be a complete gorilla. Quizlet-an alternative to the text table Quizlets provides you with a digital flashcard containing all the questions and answers related to the course, and you can easily find a solution to the topic within a few minutes. 

The answers provided in the flashcards are very detailed and explained in easy-to-understand language, so it’s best to clarify this topic. You can use the site for free, but if you want an updated learning version, you will need to pay for Quizlet Plus and provide relatively higher-level assignments and courses.


Book if you are busy with work and you can’t finish your time, Book time for you. Another great feature of the PaperHelp manual is to help students complete their / assignments/assignments/assignments before the deadline. It has been working for the benefit of students since 2008 and provides good jobs for good students. Whether you are a high school student or a doctoral student. 

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As a student, you can use PaperHelp to write and complete your paperwork and assignments ahead of time. The PaperHelp service / solid script service starts at just $ 10 and up to $ 24 per page.

8. Kora

kora is an open space where anyone looking for answers to a question can ask a question. Not only students use this site but also adults and professionals. Cora – Best Practice Sheet The best thing about this platform is that students may not be able to get help from their teachers or classmates but a team of experts in this field can also answer their questions. 

Cora helps students get high-quality and accurate answers from professionals with many years of experience in this area. Also, this website allows you to link people to a single topic line. 

9. ReadWriteThink 

This site is useful not only for students but also for professionals. This site focuses on writing. If you are involved in a research paper or writing project, read the site you are looking for. This will help you find a topic related to your topic and on top of that, it will also help you organize how to write your topic. 

ReadWriteThink In addition to read.right, Think offers programs and page interactions that help students ask their research questions and can be used for their writing. This site is 100% free for its users.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is more about effective learning than just reading books on the Internet and finding answers and solutions. They are your abilities. We all have some basic skills, but in order to continue our next study, we need to increase interest and learn some advanced skills in the same field. 

The question now is how we can improve our skills. Khan Academy If you are looking for something similar, Khan Academy is your best choice. You can register for courses online for free at Khan Academy. 

These courses are available online and distributed via slides and videos. textsheet are created by each research expert for different topics. But in addition to study, mathematics, and English, you can also study personality development at Khan Academy.

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