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Tips From Lawyers After You've Been in a Truck Accident.

Tips From Lawyers After You’ve Been in a Truck Accident.

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Truck accidents can inflict more damage and be much more stressful than typical car accident situations. Often, a car accident that involves a truck entails extensive damage, complicated insurance policies, and severe injuries. Navigating the circumstances that a trucking accident creates can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty for many people. Rest assured that you are not alone.

Many people struggle with injuries, medical expenses, insurance claims, and time off of work due to a motor vehicle collision. Making decisions regarding your coverage and legal rights can be challenging. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself if you have been injured in a truck accident is by consulting with a personal injury lawyer. Some law firms may offer free consultations to injury victims, like Michael T. Gibson, P.A., a truck accident lawyer in Florida.

Consult with a healthcare professional.


Securing your finances and taking care of insurance claim issues is essential, but your health takes precedence. The first thing you should do after being involved in a car accident is seek medical care. The injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck can be severe. If you feel that you have not been injured or that your injuries are minor, you will still need to get evaluated by a physician.

Minor injuries have the opportunity to turn into much more significant health complications in the future. Additionally, plan on filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Your medical records will be imperative to your case. There are many responsibilities that injury victims must acknowledge after being in a car accident. However, health is the most important one. Take care of your physical and mental well-being above all else.

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Document the accident and aftercare.


This step is significant for filing an insurance claim or retaining legal representation. Take photos of the scene, damages to vehicles, and your bodily injuries. This evidence can not only help the insurance adjusters evaluate your claim better, but they will also assist your attorney in building a solid case. Take note of your medical providers, treatment, and any residual symptoms you are experiencing. Emotional distress, discomfort, and expenses will all play a significant role in your claim. Many medical providers allow patients to retrieve their medical records via an online portal.

Retain the services of a personal injury attorney.


If you have received medical treatment for your injuries and are planning on retaining legal services, ask your healthcare providers how to obtain medical records. Additionally, if you have accrued any time off of work, note the dates you missed and request lost wages information from your employer. Regardless of what your insurance company or the liability carrier tells you, you should not be responsible for paying expenses incurred as a result of the negligence of someone else.

If you have already filed a personal injury claim and have been unable to obtain a fair settlement offer, an experienced lawyer can help. Attorneys like Michael T. Gibson, P.A. operate on a contingency basis, which means you will not have to pay for any legal services until you are compensated for the motor vehicle accident. A personal injury lawyer has specialized knowledge of local laws, trucking company regulations, and insurance requirements to ensure you make a total financial recovery.

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Retaining a personal injury lawyer can allow you to rest easy and focus on your recovery. Careful documentation of the incident will prepare your attorney to fight for your legal right to fair compensation. Injury victims have enough to worry about without being concerned about their financial future. Your medical treatment is the most critical aspect of your case. Get plenty of rest, follow your doctor’s recovery instructions, and let your personal injury attorney do the hard work for you.

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