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Why Is Having a Playtime Schedule So Important? A Closer Look

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Did you know that kids spend an average of fewer than 10 minutes outside each day in the United States?

Most of their time is spent in front of a screen, which is why you should always encourage playtime.

If you think that screens are beneficial for their development, there are a couple of things you should know about playing with friends.

Keep reading to learn about all of the benefits of having a playtime schedule that will help your child thrive!

Encourages Play & Creativity

One of the best benefits of having a playtime schedule is that you can increase the moments that your child is playing and using their imagination.

Playtime for children is stimulating and while they are having fun, they are building crucial skills for development. Your child will have an easier time imagining or telling a story if they practice “pretend” play and spark their creativity.

Provides Consistency

Most parents know that when thrown a small curveball, it can disrupt a child’s schedule.

Scheduling playtime each day at the same time is essential if you want to help your child. When they get used to eating, playing, and then napping, they will get frustrated if one goes missing. Children thrive on consistent schedules and want to know what to expect while their brains and bodies are developing.

Builds Social Skills

Whether your child is having a play date with one other kid or a group, they can work on their social skills.

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When kids play they get to brainstorm and problem solve while using their imaginations. The social skills that your child gets include communicating, listening, and growing friendships. Watching your child make friends at the park during their playtime will be rewarding for you and exciting for them.

Increase Independence

Letting your child go when it is time for play is easy when you know that it helps them gain independence.

Playtime for children is a time for them to explore their imagination. They can act on some of their creative thoughts and look into their interests without being guided. When your child is playing with others, they will teach each other skills for independent living.

Children play with a variety of toys, which will also grow independence because they won’t be afraid to learn some new.

Learn Teamwork

Another advantage of taking your child to a play center, like Dream Big Children, is that it teaches your children teamwork.

Kids are always playing games together. Whether it is tag, capture the flag or another game, your child will learn how to play fairly with others. This will introduce them to the concept of winning and losing, which is a good age to teach them that games are more than just being a winner.

Does Your Child Have a Playtime Schedule?

If your child doesn’t have a playtime schedule, you might want to consider changing things up.

Schedules help your child’s brain development and it also helps them cultivate new relationships. Don’t underestimate how beneficial a trip to the park or playground can be. Playing with other children will expand your little one’s imagination and help them communicate.

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If you notice that your kid is tired or cranky during playtime, you may need to adjust the schedule.

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