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A Look at a Disposable E-pipe

A Look at a Disposable E-pipe

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Traditional cigarettes are known to be very harmful to your health even if you smoke in moderation. This is why many smokers are turning to vaping as it provides a buzz similar to that of traditional cigarettes but without the danger of the chemicals in the smoke damaging your health. Vaping involves the use of electronic cigarettes, vape mods, and many people’s favorite, the disposable e-pipe, to get a hit of nicotine.

Pipe smoking has been around for thousands of years and it is still a popular way to smoke for many people. Our grandparents and great-grandparents used to smoke their pipes and this intrigues many people nowadays. Pipe smoking has been revived with the introduction of the disposable e-pipe as many people aim to emulate the experience of smoking pipes.

Growing up, we used to look up to our grandparents and when they smoked their pipes, we viewed them as people of confidence, power, and wisdom. While traditional pipes may not be nearly as common anymore, the disposable e-pipe evokes the same memories.

What is a disposable e-pipe?

A disposable e-pipe is an e-cig that looks like an e-pipe. There are various types of e-cigarettes on the market with different sizes and styles including the disposable e-pipe. Just like other e-cigarettes, the disposable e-pipe lets you enjoy a buzz similar to that of traditional cigarettes without the dangers of dangerous carcinogens that are harmful to your health.

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Just as the name indicates, the cartridges used in a disposable e-pipe are discarded once they have been used. An e-pipe functions as a vaporizer pipe for tobacco, eliminating the combustion of tobacco (which produces harmful chemicals). The Epuffer disposable e pipe is one of the best e-pipes on the market as it showcases elegance and class. Order one and get to relive the great memories of pipe smoking.

Disposable e-pipe: the next step in vaping

Ever since e-cigarettes were introduced, they have been the talk of the town. While they do contain tobacco and nicotine, they are not as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. You can light up your e-cigarette pipe mod and enjoy your vape without being faced with as many health risks.

Many people now refer to the disposable e-pipe as the hardcore product in the world of e-cigarettes. The pipes come with cartridges pre-filled with e-liquids of different nicotine strengths. Depending on how quick you want to feel the hit, you can change your choice of cartridges at will.

What does a disposable e-pipe come with?

Disposable e-pipes have been designed in a similar way to traditional pipes, only they are electronic. Disposable e-pipe kits come with a pipe, atomized cartridges of varying nicotine strengths, an additional mouthpiece, and a USB charger for your pipe.

In order to use the device, you just insert the cartridge, switch on the mouthpiece and begin enjoying your vape. The pipe comes with a button that you hold when you want to inhale. Many disposable e-pipes glow red as you draw vapor simulating the look of burning tobacco in a traditional pipe. 

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Why a disposable e-pipe?

The use of traditional pipes somehow appears extinct although, ironically, many people still like them. If you walk around with vape mods that look like pipes, many people will be intrigued and some might ask to try them because of how authentic the device appears.

Disposable e-pipes come with a long-lasting battery. A fully charged device can last for weeks with moderate use. The cartridges also can last for between 5 and10 rounds depending on how many puffs you take. Replacing the cartridges is quite cheap as well. 

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