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6 Reasons to Get a Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Degree

by ReddyPrasad

Let’s get this straight before we move on: a liberal arts education has nothing to do with an artistic skill or anything political. Instead, it is concerned with a longstanding tradition of broad learning in several fields.

You can find these core classes in institutions throughout the country, and also, of course, at liberal arts colleges. You can also achieve a well-rounded liberal arts bachelor’s degree.

But why would you commit yourself entirely to a liberal arts bachelor’s degree? Well, let’s look at five reasons that may justify your choice if you decide to go down this educational pathway.

1. You Gain a Wide Range of Skills

There are so many disciplines you can venture into when studying for a liberal arts degree. For instance, you can delve into the world of mathematics, literature, science, and more.

With such a broad range of classes on offer, you inevitably learn a wide range of skills and academic approaches. Why is this relevant?

Today, the reality is that the workforce has to be flexible and people need to be able to change career paths sometimes. In this case, your liberal arts bachelor’s degree might be super-helpful in helping you adapt to new experiences. And, you may have more relevant skills than someone that studied one specific subject at college.

2. You Can Reveal Your Passions

Many of us still can’t pinpoint what want to do with ourselves when the time comes to study at a college. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s very understandable.

There are an incredible amount of professions and career paths to choose from these days. If you are not one hundred percent sure what you want to do in the future, why would you halfheartedly commit to a discipline? You might later find out that you don’t have so much interest in the subject.

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With a liberal arts education, you can explore what the academic world has to offer. You can delve into the core subjects in more depth and figure out where your passions lie.

Being open-minded is a highly regarded academic trait in itself. So, opting to study for a Bachelor of Liberal Arts is a noble pursuit.

3. Employers Appreciate Liberal Arts Graduates

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes. What would you want from a graduate applying for an entry-level position? You might think they require a specific skill set and that’s it.

This might be true for some technically specific jobs, but not the majority. In many cases, employers appreciate individuals with a well-rounded education. This way, they know the individual is open-minded to things, and therefore can be flexible enough to possibly fit in with the demands of the job role.

Employers will also appreciate the wide range of skills you will learn from a liberal arts college degree. It may even be the case that they have another role in mind for you since you have shown knowledge in a particular field.

4. You Engage in Critical Thinking

If you look at any top employer these days, like Elon Musk, for example, you’ll notice that they acknowledge critical thinking as one of the top traits they look for in an employee.

It’s typical that liberal arts classes are small in size and set apart from large lecture hall-type presentations. This gives you the ability to discuss with your professor and peers in a critical manner. And this may happen daily for you if you study liberal arts.

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Also, aside from job prospects, critical thinking can help you assess your life goals and direction of travel. You learn how to look at things with a first-principles viewpoint, and filter out all the assumed knowledge that may turn out to be untrue.

5. It’s Perfect Preparation for Further Study

As we mentioned earlier, if you are unsure about what you want to do in life in terms of academics and career, a liberal arts bachelor’s degree is a solid go-to option. Then, by the time you finish your degree, you may be in a much better position to know which direction you want to go.

This means a liberal arts degree is perfect for anyone that wants to continue further academic study. For example, in your liberal arts degree, you may have realized that you enjoyed science the most. From this knowledge, you may pursue further education in this field to a distinguished level.

As well, a liberal arts degree can prep you on a pathway towards the professions. You might decide after you finished your degree, and matured more, that you want to go into practicing law.

The point is, you develop yourself in a well-rounded manner by opting for liberal arts. And in the future, you’ll have a wider range of knowledge to draw upon than of those who didn’t go down the liberal arts route.

6. You Can Study Online

Nowadays, you can study for a liberal arts degree online. This way you can keep your independence while also earning a bachelor’s degree.

Why is this possible now? Well, with the advent of high-speed internet, and powerful video conferencing software, academic institutions have been able to create fully online courses.

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Just think, if you choose to study online, you won’t have all the travel costs and time associated with going to a faraway institution. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a college education from such a faraway place within the comfort of your own home!

Consider a Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Degree

As you can see, there are some compelling reasons why you should consider a liberal arts bachelor’s degree. You give yourself room to breathe in terms of making future decisions and commitments. Plus, you gain a broad range of what could be valuable skills in your future work.

So, thanks for reading; we hope you find this post informative. If you did, why not browse through our blog for other informative posts?

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