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7 Practical Tips for Designing your Journal

by Alison Lurie

Journaling has been upgraded after the ASMR trends showed videos of users decorating their journals in various, over-the-top ways. You can easily get customized journal as you want from online sites like StationeryXpress.

You can buy stationery online or improve your handwriting. This article will tell you five tips on how to improve your journaling.

Before You Start Journaling

Remember, there is no right or wrong way of decorating your journal. Let your imagination run wild and design your journal according to your feelings or what would make you more productive or creative. The important thing is to allow your creativity to flow and enjoy the process of making your first journal.

  • You Don’t Have to Buy Anything New. One trend that has caught on in journaling is using recycled, crumpled paper that can add texture to your page. For this, you can use your old books with missing pages, old postcards, or photos that go with the overall aesthetic.
  • Practice Calligraphy. Doing creative lettering in your journal can help with adding some interesting points and highlights. As a result, your pages won’t look too bland and will look fun with a youthful flair.

There are a lot of available calligraphy practice sheets that are available online that you can use for practice. You can also use different sized and colored markers if you’re not too much into calligraphy.

  • Look for Supplies Online. There are a lot of journal decors available on various online platforms. You can buy personalized stationery online or buy stickers and scrapbook stuff in bulk to get them for a cheaper price.
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There are also more choices online that would most likely suit your tastes. For example, you can find more options and more choices when you search the internet for journaling or scrapbook decorations.

When You Have Already Begun Journaling

You’ve already gotten the hang of decorating your journal. Now the problem is you’re running out of ideas on what to put. So here are more ideas on what to put in your journal.

  • Think of Monthly Themes. The theme may not be event-based and maybe a color scheme for your monthly and weekly planner. For example, you can stick to a monochromatic look for September, then a Halloween theme for October. 
  • Use Trackers. Use different trackers for your productivity and self-improvement, for your daily goals like a sleep tracker, food tracker, or progress tracker. Use stickers for your graphs and dots, or you can draw with markers and different colored ink. 
  • List Your Playlist for the Month. This is a fun page filler for your journal. Write down your favorite song of the month or a newly discovered song from a new artist. You can even print out their album art and add it to your journal.
  • Expeiment with Different Types of Grids and Layouts. Your monthly calendar or to-do list doesn’t always have to be in a symmetrical form. Instead, you can use circles or different shaped grids to add some variation to your journal.

Journaling is an activity that can stimulate your creativity. You can write many things in our journal other than your feelings and plans for the day or month. The only limitation in what you put in your journal is your imagination.

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