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Debunking the Latest Private School Education Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Latest Private School Education Myths That Exist Today

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As a parent, you want your child to have the best school curriculum and education possible.

Many smart parents opt to enroll their children in private school, or a private educational program.

Before you decide whether this option is right for you, read on for five myths about a private school education that exist today, so you can make the best choice for your child.

1. A Private School Education is Only For Rich Kids

In the past, private schools were reserved for kids of wealthy families. However, today’s private schools understand that having a diverse institution provides better results for all involved.

Many parents can find help to pay for this education through financial aid, scholarships, and local grants. In some states, school choice laws also make it easier for parents to afford private school tuition for their kids.

2. Only Catholic Schools are Private

The majority of private schools throughout the United States are Catholic. However, this number has declined significantly over the past 20 years, dropping from over 50 percent to just under 40 percent.

Some families still choose to provide a private school education due to their faith or religion, but that is starting to change. Many secular private schools also exist to give children an education without any form of religious affiliation.

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3. Private School Teachers Aren’t Certified

Another myth about private early childhood education is that the teachers are not licensed or certified. The truth is that private school educators must meet the same standards as public schools if the private school is accredited.

Most private schools require teachers to at least obtain a bachelor’s degree before they can begin their teaching careers. In many cases, these teachers have a higher level of accountability due to the fact that parents are paying for tuition.

4. Many Private Schools Don’t Follow the Law

Whether it’s a boarding school or a local private school, another myth is that these institutions don’t have to follow state and local laws. The truth is that the school curriculum must cover core mandated subjects like math, science, history, and English.

These institutions are also required to follow other laws like fire safety protocols and safety codes. They are also not exempt from mandatory attendance requirements and other guidelines.

5. Private Schools are “Old School”

You may think that private schools are too traditional or stuck in their ways. The truth is that many of these schools today offer a range of new, updated curriculum and use cutting-edge technology in the classroom.

The old way of thinking is shifting in private schools, offering students a more diverse range of learning opportunities. It’s also a better option for many students to get one-on-one attention since class sizes tend to be smaller.

Should You Make the Switch?

Now that these private school education myths have been debunked, you can decide if it’s the right fit for your child. Whether it’s the school’s teaching standards or the cost, it’s possible to enroll your child in a private school near you.

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