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Tropical School life: What to Carry for A Tropical School life

by Alison Lurie

Every student’s most awaited memory is their school trip. A school can take it one step ahead of this schoolies 2022 with a tropical trip to islands like Fiji! One tends to forget what to carry to such places if travelling from an area with a different climate, culture, and more. Here are some essentials to carry for a tropical holiday.

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It is absolutely necessary to carry sunscreen to every temperate place since one should not risk their skin for the sake of a holiday. When skin is exposed to sudden heat, humidity, and a different climate, it tends to react very aggressively to it. Tans, sunburns, and heat boils are best avoided by the use of sunscreen as it keeps the skin cool and free of the sun’s harsh rays. It comes in varieties of SPF, which allows better protection, and one needs to choose the highest rated sunscreen to avoid any harmful particles and UV rays that can affect the skin as well as the health.


One certainly does not expect to wear regular clothes inside the beaches or baggy clothes in the most humid areas. It can be heavy and cause sweating but even extend to heights where it can cause dizziness, heat strokes, rashes, and more. Dress less when in such places by choosing to wear swimwear. It also becomes easy to remove an extra layer and jump into the sea instead of having to change the entire clothing. Best to carry a pair instead of regretting not experiencing the beaches and the sands.

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It is easy to strain the eyes when in temperate and hot areas. It becomes tough to see and navigate on roads or even drive. Sunglasses are not just hip and trendy but can also help protect the eyes from a variety of problems that one experiences under the sun. Polarized glasses help lower the amount of light that enters the glasses, therefore, helping see the environment better.

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UV ray glasses lower the exposure to UV rays and keep the glasses dim for an individual to not have to squint in harsh sunlight. Driving is extremely tough on such occasions, and sunglasses can help by keeping the eyes cool and see better. Moreover, they are also a great fashion statement and come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors for every individual.

Light footwear: 

Trips to sandy places or hot areas can be very hectic. Wearing sneakers or heels may be counterproductive since one has to walk a lot through tough terrains. Carrying sandals or slippers can be easier and also help dust off the extra sand from the feet. It also keeps the feet cold and airy for fewer boils or rashes. The sweat from sneakers can also cause various skin issues and shoe bites, which can easily be avoided by using slip-on footwear that is easy to wear and remove whenever needed. It is also super helpful for staying safe against branches, thorns, pebbles and more on the ground since it is tough to pierce through and also provides great stability and grip.

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Apart from these, keep the clothing simple and lightweight. Carry cover material for coming out of the water and having to go elsewhere immediately. Plan toiletries and medications and keep safety kits at all times to treat small injuries on the go. Carry potable water at all times to avoid dehydration and take breaks in between to avoid over-exhaustion and other serious problems. For the best experience for schoolies 2022, make sure to tick all these checklists and have a great time on the tropical lands!

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