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Email Marketing: Protect your sender score from getting low

Email Marketing: Protect your sender score from getting low

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For any business to thrive, you must protect and strengthen your reputation on both online and offline platforms. As long as people search for your brand on the Internet, search results such as your website and other reviews from various social media channels will show if you are doing well at maintaining your rating, positive reputation or not.

It is difficult for many brands and even people on the web to maintain their great reputation, but it is important not to have the best reputation, but to maintain and also improve your reputation

The reputation of the email sender is important to ensure that your emails go directly to your target audience’s inboxes and not to end up in junk or spam folders. The quality of your newsletter depends on your mail domain reputation. It also detects your status with the mailbox providers and lets them know if you are a wanted or unwanted (spam) sender, which affects email deliverability.

Hence, it determines the success of your email marketing campaign. Knowing how important an email sender reputation is to your brand, you should use an email authentication service (email verification) that cleans up your email list and sends emails to valid email addresses so that they can receive your valuable emails. By using email verification, you will be able to deliver straight to the inbox and reduce the hard bounce. This helps build your reputation as a good sender. A measure of the reputation that an ISP assigns to a business or company.

Factors that affecting sender score:

  1. Quality of email list: Ensure that all email addresses are real and belong to an existent user.
  2. Consistency: The number of emails plus consistency in sending them would be a gauge on legitimacy and reputation.
  3. Open rates: Emails could be filtered out if there is a very long response rate or no interactions.
  4. Sending history: An established history with a particular ip address will boost the legitimacy and reputation score
  5. Marked as spam: If email messages are consistently marked as spam, this results in emails being placed in the spam folder.

How to protect your email sender reputation:

To protect the reputation of email senders, you should always follow best email practices. There are several ways to do this:

1.Manage your email lists well –

learn how to authenticate and filter emails with an email verification service. Maintain a clean list to lower bounce rates and increase the likelihood of successful email delivery. Managing a great set of valid email addresses will help improve your email sender reputation.

2.Email Delivery Tracking –

Regularly checking email response rates and bounce rates is essential to avoid email delivery disruptions.

3.Send Confirmation emails –

You indicate that no invalid email addresses exist. In fact, protecting the reputation of an email sender is easy if you keep best practices in mind. Make sure your emails are engaging and interesting to help you get more clicks and open rates. Messages send a signal to mailbox providers that you have a legitimate and professional organization.

The reputation of an email sender is similar to how you protect your reputation as individuals or organizations.This is why you need an att email login authentication service for your business. Combining actions and positive feedback will help build and strengthen your branding strategy to send a message that your subscribers can understand.

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Now I can say you understood the sender score and how you can improve your score. What are you waiting for, apply these tips on your next email marketing campaign and see the result. The main tip you already know is email authentication so make sure you perform this before sending any mass emails.

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