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ITIL Certifications: Everything You Need to Know About Them

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You already know that the best way to get ahead in IT is to secure some fantastic qualifications.

But with many qualifications and certifications on the market, which ones will open the most doors for your career? Which one will help you secure that dream job?

The answer is ITIL. If that’s a new term, use this guide to discover what ITIL is and why you should put ITIL certifications at the top of your training wish list this year.

What Is ITIL?

ITIL stands for the IT Infrastructure Library and is a highly respected framework widely used in the IT industry. Its use is pervasive in infrastructure businesses (for example, managed hosting).

The ITIL framework outlines how to deliver IT services using best practice guidelines. It outlines a step-by-step process for each phase of an IT delivery, from design and planning to delivery and improvement.

ITIL first arose in Britain. Since then, it has extended across the globe as businesses try to gain a competitive edge by using more stable, practical methods for managing their IT systems.

What Qualifications Can You Get? 

To use the ITIL framework, you need prior training. That comes in the form of four different qualifications:

ITIL Foundation

The ITIL Foundation is probably the best starting qualification for those new to ITIL or in an entry-level role. The ITIL foundation qualification will provide you with a thorough outline of the framework and how to apply it in an IT setting.

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The ITIL Foundation is also a prerequisite for the more advanced ITIL qualifications.

ITIL Managing Professional

An ITIL Managing Professional (MP) qualification is the primary qualification to implement an ITIL framework in your organization.

This professional certification will help you understand how the processes fit into your business, in service definitions, and within teams.

ITIL Strategic Leader

An ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) certification goes one step beyond the professional qualification.

An ITIL managing professional will be qualified to implement ITIL processes within different parts of a business.

Conversely, an ITIL strategic leader will be able to incorporate ITIL into the higher-level strategic direction of an organization so that it becomes central to every aspect of that business.

ITIL Master

ITIL Master is the highest ITIL certification you can get.

This qualification will provide you with the tools and knowledge to train others in ITIL and push your organization to implement current best practices in your existing ITIL processes.

An ITIL master is there to offer continuous improvement to a business that is already successful using ITIL.

How Do You Get ITIL Qualifications? 

You don’t need to book in-person courses to get ITIL certified. There is now a wide range of online courses that offer approved ITIL certifications, like this ITIL course.

Take some time to find a reputable course that suits your circumstances and timescales, as well as your learning preferences.

ITIL Certifications Will Secure Your Career Prospects 

ITIL certifications can help you stand out from other candidates when securing a prestigious IT job. It’s a great way to boost your flourishing IT career.

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You can find more information on professional qualifications by heading to our business section.

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