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3 Tools to Develop a School Brand Design

Online Educators: 3 Tools to Develop a School Brand Design

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The Covid-19 pandemic brought many new users to online schooling. Research and Markets predicted that the online education market would grow to $350 billion by 2025 but may see even larger growth as a result of the pandemic.

With students flocking to online classrooms, educators are answering the call and responding to the demand for online teachers.

Are you one of the many educators making the switch to teaching online courses? Keep reading to learn about some of the marketing tools that will help you create a school brand that sets you apart from the competition.

1. Come Up With An Identity 

How do you want your services to be perceived? What is your brand story? What is your brand message? Before you can design your brand, you need to answer these questions.

Build upon a foundation to tell your brand story. Your school brand should reflect your personality and what you do. Your brand should communicate your visual identity.

Your core purpose should shine through so parents will connect with you and what you can offer to their children.

Choose a brand name, tagline, and messaging before choosing a logo for your teaching services or school.

2. Know Your Competition 

When building your school brand, you want to highlight what makes you different. You need to stand out, make your brand visible, unique, and most importantly, relevant.

How will you be unique? Look at and understand who your competition is. Design your visual presentation to not only compare with your competition but to be better than your competition.

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Use colors that are different than what is frequently used in the education industry. Make it your own.

3. Plan and Execute 

It’s time to plan how you want to market your brand and execute the plan. Highlight and call attention to what you do, how you’re different, and what you have to offer.

Connect your values and your brand to the things that matter to potential students and their families. Make sure your executed plan shows your brand and your vision clearly and consistently.

Are you using social media? Are you using them efficiently to share what you do and how you do it? Is it easy for people to sign up for your classes? Can they find the information they need easily?

Are you looking for a graphic logo design for your education services? Browse logo templates and customize your design with free images and fonts. Learn more here.

Develop Your School Brand

Your school brand is your calling card. It should be designed in a way that attracts students and makes you stand out among the others. The right branding will invoke a positive emotional response from potential students.

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